Biggest Loser Does Broadway with Gilbert Gotfried’s The Diet Show

By Margo Donohue of Brooklyn Fit Chick.

If you’ve ever wanted to see past Biggest Loser favorites like Bill Germanakos, Eric Chopin, Alfredo “Frado” Dinten, Mark Pinhasovich and Tara Costa then you are in luck. New York’s Stage 72 theater has just launched Saturday performances of “Gilbert Gotfried Presents: The Diet Show” and it features several past members of the hit weight loss show on stage giving very funny (and often times moving) monologues about weight, fitness, diets, family pressure and more. The dates for now are every other Saturday (the next show is January 19th) at 7 pm at the theater location at 158 West 72nd Street.

“The Diet Show” was created after producers contacted Mark Pinhasovich to see if he could recruit a few of his fellow Bigger Loser alumni to put on a showcase that would be part raucous comedy and part confessional theater for an audience looking for inspiration on their health and fitness goals. “I love the fact that I can make people laugh (laughter is the best medicine) and then verbally connect the emotional part of my journey while helping inspire others,” says Pinhasovich.

Also featured is vivacious plus-sized model Krista Mays, who flashes some serious skin during her set!, and stand-up comic Jeff Pirrami, whose stage name is “The Fat Rat Bastard.” The Philly-based Pirrami gets “The Diet Show” off to a rollicking start with his adult-intended set (I sat next to his wife and daughter during his act and all of us cracked up while blushing while he was on stage). Though he makes big laughs to connect with the crowd he privately admits to being inspired to living a healthier life after getting to know his fellow cast mates. “I can still tell fat jokes for a long time as long as I am healthier to do so,” offers Pirrami.

You can find all of the ticket and box offer information here. Tickets are $44 a piece plus a two-drink minimum (cash only).

If you have been looking for a reason to check out the theater in New York or catch up with a bunch of Losers—keep “The Diet Show” on your radar!

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image with permission from Mark Pinhasovich

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