Biggest Loser’s Shanon Arrested for Domestic Violence

shanon thomas mugshotshanon thomasBiggest Loser: Couples’ first episode just premiered last night, and one contestant is already in the spotlight. Shanon Thomas, a 29-year old massage therapist from Centerline, MI, was charged with domestic violence in Macomb County on December 16, 2022. She was arrested and arraigned, after being accused of a confrontation with her tenant, Michael Nolden, a man renting a basement room. He says she yelled at him to turn down the sound on his TV (maybe she was trying to watch the live Biggest Loser: Families finale!), broke Christmas light bulbs and then tossed flour at him.

Thomas argues that Nolden through a pan at her and that he suggested she “get a pizza.” A judged entered a not-guilty plea on her behalf. No trial date has been set, and she’s looking at a possibility of up to 93 days in jail.

9 Responses to Biggest Loser’s Shanon Arrested for Domestic Violence

webgoddess says:

You’d think that a massage therapist would be more relaxed in life! If she has to go to court while at TBL ranch, does she lose her spot in the show?

Jail time seems excessive for yelling and breaking some light bulbs.

Smcguire says:

Most of season 7’s contestants are already home if not ALL of them.

Denise says:

I believe all of the remaining contestants went home to do it on their own in December. This season started filming in August/September, and with it running 12 weeks, it would be over in December. So I guess we will have to find out at the live finale what happens to Shanon!

webgoddess says:

When is the live finale for Season 7? 12 weeks from now?

unknown says:

This girl is crazy, she doesn’t deserve to win the biggest looser, i think those contestants should have to have some type of charater to be on the show.

Anonymous says:

I was shocked that she would get into that mess.

Veronica says:

I think shannon deserves to be kicked out of the show. Jail time hunts you for life. It’s one of the rules in every game show, you cannot have a criminal record. That’s why you should act civilized. Ohhh Wellll!!!!

Mary says:

Sounds like a bogus charge to me. Not violence. There was no real physical contact. And I know all too well how hard it is to deal with other people living with you. She has enough stress on her now as it is, without the help of unfeeling people trying to make it harder. Hopefully the judge will see the truth and nothing will come of it. And hopefully she will get rid of this tenant! Good luck Shannon!

Pat says:

I don’t think anyone should be so quick to judge Shanon without hearing both sides. She got arrested and accused of domestic abuse because she yelled, broke Christmas lights, and threw flour at her tenant. He threw a pan at her and suggested that she get a pizza. She may possibly have to spend up to 93 days in jail! What are they going to do about the tenant? Do you call that justice? I hope the judge dismisses the case.

If she doesn’t win the Biggest Loser, I hope that Shanon reaches her ideal weight. She isn’t crazy and deserves to win.

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