Biggest Loser’s Superbowl Recipes by Curtis Stone

curtis stoneAre you guys ready for some football? How about some recipes that will satisfy that innate need to munch during the Superbowl, keep even the manliest appetites satisfied, and that have less fat and calories than the typical game-day fare. You better be ready because we’ve got them! Curtis Stone appeared on Biggest Loser season 7 episode 4, and showed the contestants their stand-by appetizer favorites, and some healthy alternatives.

  • Instead of the Mexican-style layer dip with 1755 calories, try this 7 Layer Dip with shrimp and vegetables.

Curtis also showed how it’s possible to enjoy all the flavors of a Mexican dish, without all the fat and calories that leave us weighed down. Curtis helped David make this Grilled and Spiced Chicken with Cucumber Yogurt Sauce, and showed that you really can have all the foods and flavors you love when you try to make alternatives.

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