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Parade Magazine Dishes the Healthy Living Secrets of Top Chefs

It’s often assumed that a good chef is also a plump chef, right? It makes sense. How else can a chef test their masterpiece meals without sampling everything? This Sunday, PARADE Magazine will highlight tops chefs who have managed to break the rules and stay trim in the face of endless temptation.

Three of the big names being featured on Sunday are Curtis Stone, Cat Cora, and Art Smith. These culinary wizards, along with their colleagues, will divulge their secrets for staying fit and healthy in their industry.

Curtis Stone is a 36-year-old Australian known for his appearances on The Celebrity Apprentice and Top Chef Masters. He’s never had an issue with weight, but admits he has to make regular exercise mandatory in his schedule. Due to his love of food and his frequent TV appearances, Stone has reasons to hit the gym. And we can’t blame him for those reasons as exercise enables him to enjoy more food while staying TV-trim.

Stone shared a few tips about staying trim, the first being drinking plenty of water. He also implements some food rules, two of which being not eating fried foods, and not eating processed carbs after 3 p.m. (more…)

Biggest Loser Finale Watch Party Recipes from Chef Curtis Stone

Each season of the Biggest Loser, there are a few episodes where a certain Aussie chef makes a guest appearance to help the contestants prepare healthy food that also tastes and looks amazing. The contestants swoon, the fans drool (over the food, of course) and everyone leaves with a few new recipes. Chef Curtis Stone has a way with food that is creative without being complicated and delicious without being bad for you. We like to think it’s a gift!

It seemed only fitting that if you plan on throwing a watch party for the live Biggest Loser season 10 finale on Tuesday, December 14, that you should do so with a meal designed by Curtis. He made several appearances this season, each time leaving us a little more enlightened about healthy cooking. You’ll find below his recipes for pan seared halibut with quinoa and a roasted acorn squash salad, along with a decadent dessert recipe for a cider poached pears.

First though, we spoke with Curtis about what’s next for him, his tips for a healthy party, as well as how the Australians celebrate the holidays.

How has being a part of Biggest Loser influenced your own diet and cooking?

I’m generally a pretty healthy eater and try to exercise and watch what I eat as much as possible. Being a chef and being surrounded by food all day it’s pretty easy to put on weight without even realising it, so I have always been mindful of making sure I stay pretty fit and do everything in moderation. I think The Biggest Loser has really opened my mind up to how easy it is to substitute ingredients that may be lower in fat but taste just as good. 

Black Team Controls the Elimination in Biggest Loser Season 10 Episode 6 Recap

WOW what an episode! This week, instead of the notorious face-off week, only ONE player’s loss will count for each team! Talk about pressure! Of course the strategizing starts at the very moment that Ali gives this news to the teams. The real kicker is that the opposing team gets to pick who weighs in! That is just asking for game play. Oh don’t you just love how Ali brings her Days of our Lives drama to Biggest Loser!

At the glorious four seasons, the teams compete in a cooking challenge! I love that! I wish we could have had a cooking challenge. I love to experiment in the kitchen. And let’s be honest, who wouldn’t love cooking with Curtis Stone by your side? The Blue team takes the win, over the black team supported by Chef Lorena Garcia, which gives them a 10 second head start in the next challenge.

Try the Grilled Tuna with Herb Tapenade and Succotash and Salad of Green Papaya with Peanut and Grilled Shrimp prepared by the blue team. (more…)

Biggest Loser Reunion with 30 Contestants in Thanksgiving Where Are They Now Special

Whatever happened to your favorite Biggest Loser contestants? Well, wonder no more as this Thanksgiving Biggest Loser will air a two-hour special taking in to the private lives of many of the show’s alumni. More than 30 contestants will appear on “Where Are They Now” to show you how their weight loss has changed their lives and how they look today.

Growing as popular for its love stories as it has for its weight loss success stories, you’ll get to watch the romantic proposal of season 9’s Sam and Stephanie, who recently visited the brand new Biggest Loser Resort in Malibu with Daris George. Not only that, but get access to the recent Lake Tahoe wedding of season 5 at-home winner Bernie Salazar to Jennifer, the cousin of his teammate Brittany Aberle.

You’ll see that these Losers really do walk the walk when it comes to fitness, as 50 of them meet to take on the San Francisco Triathlon, which took place this past summer. Representatives from every season since 2 participated, including Tara Costa, Ed Brantley and Brady and Vicky Vilcan. Plus, see pretty-in-pink Ali Vincent and Sherry Johnston appear at the Biggest Loser 5K event in Myrtle Beach, powered by the slogan “Don’t compete…just complete.” (more…)

Losing It with Jillian

Follow along below as each week Jillian visits families needing her help:
Week 1: The Mastropietro family of Wilmington, MA

– See below for background on Losing It with Jillian –

“Yes, NBC has finally lost their minds and decided to give me my own show,” posted the trainer on her Facebook page last fall.

The premise of the show will be a grand departure from what you’ve seen on Biggest Loser, as Jillian will move in with a different family each week. In an almost immersion therapy-like atmosphere, Jillian will be at home, go to work and school and be involved in every other facet of the family’s lives for a week helping them gain control of their health through diet and exercise. (more…)

Biggest Loser Recap Season 9 Episode 3 with Amanda Arlauskas

Week three on the ranch! The cameras go home to visit with the blue team and yellow team as they prepare to come back to the ranch to weigh-in in just two weeks!


Tune In: Derek Jeter and Curtis Stone on The Biggest Loser

derek-jeter-and-curtis-stone[1]Tune in, this Tuesday, October 27 to watch Yankees great Derek Jeter and popular chef Curtis Stone lend some extra encouragement to the remaining cast members of The Biggest Loser.

Jeter will share his baseball prowess with the contestants during a game of action-packed baseball. He’ll also talk about the importance of teamwork and relate it to the Biggest Loser challenge.

Once the bats and balls have been put away, Chef Stone comes in and cooks a delicious and healthy Mediterranean Turkey Burger for the winners of the baseball competition. (more…)

Jillian Michaels Casting New Show “Losing It”

jillian michaelsIf you’ve ever dreamed of having even just a day or a week with Jillian Michaels, your chance has come. NBC has just announced that it will premiere a new health and weight loss show, starring Jillian Michaels, in the summer 2024, immediately following the Biggest Loser 9 season.

“Yes, NBC has finally lost their minds and decided to give me my own show,” posted the trainer on her Facebook page.

We spoke with Jillian, and executive producers Mark Koops and Ellen Rakieten, to learn more about her thoughts on the new show and what viewers can expect. Listen now as she tells us why she’s excited about “Losing It,” what we will see as she works with children, and how Curtis Stone came to be a part of the show.

Jillian says the show will allow us to see more facets of who she is and learn more about the methodology of the Jillian Michaels approach, things she says we miss on Biggest Loser. “I’m passionate about showing more of what we do,” she says. (more…)

Tune In: Curtis Stone on Biggest Loser

curtis stoneHe’s back at the ranch and sure to bring even more healthy cooking knowledge! Tune in tonight, September 22, to the second episode of Biggest Loser to see what this attractive chef is serving. Curtis Stone is the Aussie chef who first showed up at Biggest Loser during season 7 with recipes so good it was hard to believe they were good for us. Now he’s back to help the newest cast of Biggest Loser contestants overcome their old habits in the kitchen by introducing healthier tips and tricks that anyone can use to make delicious, healthy meals.

Tonight Curtis also has a pop quiz prepared for the contestants, sure to test their nutrition knowledge. It might only be week two, but we’re hoping to see nothing but right answers.

If you missed his season seven appearance, then you must try these recipes: (more…)

Coleen’s Biggest Loser Episode 7-4 Recap

Cue the NFL intro music… it’s Super Bowl Week on The Biggest Loser!

The contestants are greeted by Ali who informs them they will be playing a Super Bowl snack trivia game with Australian hottie, I mean– chef, Curtis Stone. The contestants test their knowledge of how many calories are in each common Super Bowl party food. Winning means a visit to their partner at home from Chef Curtis and a 2 pound pass at the next weigh-in. Daniel wins the game for the orange team and David gets a surprise visit from the Take Home Chef himself. (more…)

Biggest Loser’s Superbowl Recipes by Curtis Stone

curtis stoneAre you guys ready for some football? How about some recipes that will satisfy that innate need to munch during the Superbowl, keep even the manliest appetites satisfied, and that have less fat and calories than the typical game-day fare. You better be ready because we’ve got them! Curtis Stone appeared on Biggest Loser season 7 episode 4, and showed the contestants their stand-by appetizer favorites, and some healthy alternatives.

  • Instead of the Mexican-style layer dip with 1755 calories, try this 7 Layer Dip with shrimp and vegetables. (more…)