Losing It with Jillian

Follow along below as each week Jillian visits families needing her help:
Week 1: The Mastropietro family of Wilmington, MA

– See below for background on Losing It with Jillian –

“Yes, NBC has finally lost their minds and decided to give me my own show,” posted the trainer on her Facebook page last fall.

The premise of the show will be a grand departure from what you’ve seen on Biggest Loser, as Jillian will move in with a different family each week. In an almost immersion therapy-like atmosphere, Jillian will be at home, go to work and school and be involved in every other facet of the family’s lives for a week helping them gain control of their health through diet and exercise.

In our interview with Jillian last fall about Losing It, she told us she was tired of hearing from Biggest Loser fans that the weight loss would be easy enough if they could make it to the ranch. So, Jillian and the producers alleviated that problem. “We’re telling people, we’ll come to you and teach you how to be healthy,” she says.

Another Biggest Loser fixture, chef Curtis Stone, will also be a frequent guest on Losing It. Jillian called him a “natural and obvious choice” to help her work with the families in areas she may not be an expert. Other guests will tackle issues like finances.

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