Bonavitas Introduces New Workout Recovery Drink Supplement

January is the time we want to put our best foot forward and make an impact on our health and weight loss goals. Millions of Americans are flooding health centers and yoga studios to get a jump-start on their fitness resolutions. Work outs tend to be harder this time of year in an effort to make up for the holiday food extravaganza, or simply because some of us have finally decided that this is the year we will actually get in shape.

Doing too much too soon can prevent people from realizing their fitness goals. To avoid burn out, fatigue and injuries, it is important to give the body the nutrients it needs, plus take plenty of time to rest and recover in between workouts.

Bonavitas, a nutraceutical company based in Provo, Utah has just launched a new muscle recovery drink that uses all natural ingredients to assist the body in replenishing its stores of electrolytes without causing a spike in blood sugar. The carefully designed Bonavitas recovery drink supplement helps to increase the effect of any workout, yoga or Pilates session by supplying just the right amount of nutrients at just the right speed of absorption. Void of unnatural ingredients such as aspartame, dyes and sucralose, Bonavitas supplements are safe, taste real and won’t build up toxins in the body.

The new supplemental drink claims to also keep energy levels high for quite some time during the workout recovery phase, helping to reduce muscle soreness, fatigue and a drop in metabolic rate. Because it keeps blood sugar levels steady, the recovery drink ensures the body will continue to burn fat, long past the end of the workout.

For those who are overworked either as a result of getting a jump start on New Year’s fitness goals, or just generally tired all of the time, Bonavitas is certain its all natural recovery drink might be the answer to maintain healthy levels of energy. However, if fatigue is a recurring theme in your life regardless of your fitness level, it is important to check with your doctor first to determine the best course of action in keeping you energized and healthy all year long.

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