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5 Ways to Fight Fatigue and Improve Your Health

It seems with all the go-go-go our society demands, fatigue is becoming more and more common among Americans – especially busy women and moms.

One cause of the problem? Overcommitment. As women we value relationships and connection with people, so we say ‘yes’ to too many things in order feel productive or needed, when we should instead evaluate whether or not we have time before signing up. Learning to say ‘no’ can be one of the first steps to fighting fatigue.

Another cause? Lack of sleep. According to health experts we’re supposed to get 7-9 hours a night. But more often we’re only getting 6-7 hours, which just isn’t enough for optimum mind and body function.

So what can we do about it? Women’s Health Magazine contributor Dr. Keri Peterson, recently stopped by The Today Show to share her top five tips on how to fight fatigue. (more…)

Cool Hands May Extend Your Workout and Let You Push Harder

Keeping your hands cool while exercising has been shown to extend the length of your workout.  If you are like me and not a big fan of working out when it gets hot, this is great news.  Especially now since the warmer weather is pretty much here and the temperature will only continue to rise.

A current study by Stacy Sims, a research scientist and exercise physiologist at Stanford University School of Medicine, began when she wanted to see if cooling the hands of obese women would allow them to exercise longer.

The results showed just that, by keeping the hands of the obese women cool, it helped them overcome the fatigue and overheating that usually occured while exercising.

“If you think about adipose [fat] tissue, it’s a great insulator,” Sims said to Philly.com. Therefore causing people who have a higher content of adipose tissue to become uncomfortably hot quicker, which may cause them to stop working out sooner.

Research on high-tech devices used to control core temperature for professional athletes have been going on for a while with very positive results. However, for the average person, not as many research studies have been conducted.  So this is a pretty exciting study to see for the rest of us.

In the study Sims used a high-tech device called The Avacore Rapid Thermal Exchange.  The basic idea behind this high tech gadget is simply that by keeping your hands cool you will help keep your core temperature down as well, allowing you to go longer or push harder.

This expensive cooling device will set you back several thousands of dollars. If that is a little out of your price range the good news is that you can get the same results for just a few bucks.  You can use either ice packs, or frozen water bottles. Simply hold on to them and if you are using the water bottles you have something to sip on as well.

It should also be pointed out that this method is really only helpful in warm environments.  During winter or in a cooler environment you might not get the same kind of results.

Bonavitas Introduces New Workout Recovery Drink Supplement

January is the time we want to put our best foot forward and make an impact on our health and weight loss goals. Millions of Americans are flooding health centers and yoga studios to get a jump-start on their fitness resolutions. Work outs tend to be harder this time of year in an effort to make up for the holiday food extravaganza, or simply because some of us have finally decided that this is the year we will actually get in shape.

Doing too much too soon can prevent people from realizing their fitness goals. To avoid burn out, fatigue and injuries, it is important to give the body the nutrients it needs, plus take plenty of time to rest and recover in between workouts.

Bonavitas, a nutraceutical company based in Provo, Utah has just launched a new muscle recovery drink that uses all natural ingredients to assist the body in replenishing its stores of electrolytes without causing a spike in blood sugar. The carefully designed Bonavitas recovery drink supplement helps to increase the effect of any workout, yoga or Pilates session by supplying just the right amount of nutrients at just the right speed of absorption. Void of unnatural ingredients such as aspartame, dyes and sucralose, Bonavitas supplements are safe, taste real and won’t build up toxins in the body.


Yoga for the Relief of Afternoon Sluggishness

Whether you are a high-powered executive or a stay-at-home mom, some afternoons inevitably make you feel like crawling back into bed. Instead of reaching for a cup of coffee to remedy your post-lunch sleepiness, how about reaching for your yoga mat? Practicing yoga on a sluggish afternoon can revitalize you.

Mountain Pose to Energize

Remove your shoes and stand up as straight and as tall as you can. Reach both arms overhead and stretch vigorously from your feet to your fingertips. Hold for 20 seconds, and for the last five seconds lift your heels up to balance on your toes. Immediately feel light and vibrant.

Standing Twist to Invigorate

Cross your right foot over your left and place it to the outside of your left foot. Stand equally on both feet with your ankles crossed. Straighten both arms directly out to the side. Begin to reach your left arm forward and your right arm back, twisting from the hips. Turn your head and look out over your right arm. Hold for five deep breaths and then switch sides. Notice an energizing tingle through your spine.


Over-Training Warning Signs for Runners

No pain, no gain, right? Well, maybe in certain scenarios, this old motto is false. A runner in training should expect fatigue. They should expect muscle soreness. They should also anticipate that not every run will be a good one. But what about when these truths start piling up? Does the runner need to learn to push through or is it possible that backing off will be the key to their success?

While it might not seem possible, a runner can actually over-train and negatively impact their performance.

Over-training is characterized as not allowing the body to rest and recover from the stress of training. If the body can’t catch up on the much needed repair time, the athlete’s performance will suffer. This is a very serious problem. Over-training has the potential to ruin one’s running career if not taken seriously. If the body gets into a state of over-training, it’s very difficult to recover.


Help Your Digestive System this Super Bowl Sunday

For many Americans, Super Bowl Sunday means two things: beer and junk food. We gravitate to the greasy snacks we love – nachos, wings and pizza – but loathe that next morning feeling. The truth is, the big game involves many guilty pleasures that can upset the digestive system and cause discomfort. If you wake up on Monday feeling crampy, constipated or fatigued, rest assured you are not alone.

Dr. Cynthia Yoshida, a gastroenterologist and the author of No More Digestive Problems shared her easy fixes to ensure you’re still feeling “super” the day after your football festivities.


Denise Austin’s Prescription for America to Get Energy

How many women do you know who aren’t tired? Work, kids, running a household and usually getting less than eight hours of sleep leaves most American women feeling like we drag our bodies around with us. We crave sleep like we crave chocolate, girls night out and five minutes alone. And of that list, chocolate’s usually the one craving we can quickly and easily satisfy.

Denise Austin, a renowned and beloved fitness expert, wants us all to have more energy, and she’s telling us how to do it in Get Energy! Empower Your Body, Love Your Life, a new book that released January 7, 2024. The book is filled with useful ideas to live a healthier, happier, more energetic life. But, it’s also filled with a lot of ideas that seem common sense on the surface that we tend to forget about.

For instance, good posture. Denise explains that it opens up your lungs and allows you to take deeper breaths. These deeper breaths introduce more oxygen to your body, and this gives you more energy. “If you’re slouched over, your lungs don’t have the capacity to take a good deep breath,” says Denise. “So that’s why sitting up nice and tall, suck in the gut, tighten up your tummy… zip up your abs… and that’s why you get a nice toned tummy.”

We had a chance to talk to Denise about Get Energy! Listen now as she explains the underestimated importance of circulation, how stretching can replace your morning coffee, why a 30-minute workout is just right, and the foods you need to fuel your day.

Continue reading to learn more and win a copy of Get Energy! (more…)

Alkalinity: The Secret to a Healthy, Energized Body and Life-Long Health

Yuri Elkaim is a registered holistic nutritionist, certified kinesiologist, and former professional soccer player.  He is the owner of Total Wellness Consulting, a world-renowned fitness, nutrition and conditioning expert, and the author of Eating for Energy. Yuri is also the man behind the service Fitter U, which places personal trainer sessions on your MP3 player.

Have you ever wondered why certain people rarely get sick, look younger than they really are, have glowing skin, and seem to have boundless energy?

Well, their secret lies in what they do and do not eat!

What you put into your body ultimately determines how you look, feel, and function.  Most people attribute getting sick or lacking energy to “external” factors such as the latest “bug” or the aging process, respectively, but fail to realize that what’s happening inside their body at a cellular level is much more important.

Your body (your blood specifically) is constantly working to maintain a slightly alkaline pH in order to function properly.  When this pH gets out of balance (i.e. becomes acidic), your energy is depleted, you more readily pack on weight, and you experience problems such as fatigue, stress, depression, and various diseases.

Unfortunately, the modern Western lifestyle and diet has led most people to live in an overly acidic state.  This has led to numerous health problems. (more…)

3 Ways to Fight Fatigue with Yoga

Most Americans don’t get enough sleep. Even though we should get between seven and eight hours each night, most of us get about six. Approximately one-third of Americans suffer from some type of sleep disorder.

Whether it’s stress that keeps us up at night, crying babies, a hectic schedule or a combination of any of these factors, yoga can be the caffeine jolt you need and it can help you rest your head more soundly. Here’s how:

A Little Goes a Long Way

Just 20 minutes of yoga each day can revitalize your tired soul as well as prepare you for sounder sleep. Start your day by going through five to ten sun salutations. (more…)