Denise Austin’s Prescription for America to Get Energy

How many women do you know who aren’t tired? Work, kids, running a household and usually getting less than eight hours of sleep leaves most American women feeling like we drag our bodies around with us. We crave sleep like we crave chocolate, girls night out and five minutes alone. And of that list, chocolate’s usually the one craving we can quickly and easily satisfy.

Denise Austin, a renowned and beloved fitness expert, wants us all to have more energy, and she’s telling us how to do it in Get Energy! Empower Your Body, Love Your Life, a new book that released January 7, 2024. The book is filled with useful ideas to live a healthier, happier, more energetic life. But, it’s also filled with a lot of ideas that seem common sense on the surface that we tend to forget about.

For instance, good posture. Denise explains that it opens up your lungs and allows you to take deeper breaths. These deeper breaths introduce more oxygen to your body, and this gives you more energy. “If you’re slouched over, your lungs don’t have the capacity to take a good deep breath,” says Denise. “So that’s why sitting up nice and tall, suck in the gut, tighten up your tummy… zip up your abs… and that’s why you get a nice toned tummy.”

We had a chance to talk to Denise about Get Energy! Listen now as she explains the underestimated importance of circulation, how stretching can replace your morning coffee, why a 30-minute workout is just right, and the foods you need to fuel your day.

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The book explains how to “revive in five” – they’re Denise’s five-minute breaks she wants us to take every hour on the hour. Getting up and moving out of a sitting position will improve circulation and give you more energy and improve alertness.

You can also use food for energy, and Denise explains that “water throughout the day is so important… it gets your body fighting dehydration because that’s when people feel tired.” Eating breakfast is also key, and it should have protein to sustain you (like an egg or yogurt) and good carbs that give you energy (banana, wheat toast or oatmeal).

“Thirty minutes is a perfect amount of time to get the heart rate up, burn some fat, tone some muscle and stretch too,” says Denise. The busy trainer and mom follows this regimen for herself, and she says it works! Each day she does something different. “At least three-four days a week I do a cardio workout to burn fat, condition the heart, and really get stamina and endurance for the day. The other couple of days I do toning and stretching.” By the end of the week, Denise says she’s hit all three important components of a well-balanced workout plan.

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