Brett Hoebel is the New Biggest Loser Trainer

Brett Hoebel Fired from Biggest Loser in Week 14

The curiosity has finally been satisfied – Brett Hoebel is the new Biggest Loser trainer. For weeks Biggest Loser fans have been peering at silhouettes and the back side of his head, but now, we can introduce you to him.

Listen now to our exclusive interview to learn more about Brett and his new job as a “Loser” trainer!

Brett is a world renowned fitness expert, named one of the top trainers in New York state and the founder of Hoebel Fitness. He credits his fitness DVD program, RevAbs, a part of the Beachbody Brands which also produces P90X, with helping him finally land the gig, a job he repeatedly refers to as “an honor.” As well, “a lot of hard work and determination” and a chance to teach Jillian Michaels, who is currently in her final season with the show, Capoeira were all part of getting him on the show. His other fitness brand is called reVamp.

Brett has a familiarity with the contestants that Bob Harper and Cara Castronuova, the other new trainer, do not – he was an overweight teen, like Michaels. That connection fuels his efficacy as a trainer and allows him to really help the contestants thrive.

His fitness specialty is martial arts, with a concentration in Afro-Brazilian Capoeira and Muay Thai kickboxing. This award-winning trainer has an impressive list of certifications that include Corrective Holistic Exercise Kenesiology, Kettle Bell, instruction, Olympic Lifting, Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching, Hatha Yoga instruction and prenatal and postpartum conditioning. This knowledge is all supported by a bachelor’s of science degree from Claremont McKenna College, where he double-majored in biology and psychology. He altered study graduate level biomedical science at Rutgers.

Brett has a passion for teaching and we’ll no doubt see that shine through as he guides the “unknowns” through Biggest Loser’s eleventh season. He plans to teach the martial arts to his contestants but says “it will come later…. they have to drop more weight to do it.”

Brett shared with us that his favorite healthy food is salads because they are easy to load up with nuts, seeds, fiber and lean proteins. His one guilty pleasure is peanut butter. “I love it!” he raves, and says “you can put it on anything.”

Get to know more about Brett by tuning in to Biggest Loser on NBC each Tuesday night at 8/7pm CST.

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