Cara Castronuova is the New Biggest Loser Trainer

Her name is Cara Castronuova. Her job title is Biggest Loser trainer. She’s one of two new faces everyone has been dying to see and we’re thrilled to be amongst the first to introduce you.

Listen now to our exclusive interview and get to know more about the new Biggest Loser trainer!

Cara, a certified personal trainer, will soon be a household name, but for some time she’s been a fairly familiar one in boxing circles. The two-time Golden Gloves winner has been boxing since she was five, a sport she took up with her father, a former Marine, in the family garage. She cites boxing as having given her a lot and that it made the relationship with her dad closer. He passed away when she was just 14 (her mom passed in a car accident just four years ago) and continued boxing in his memory. Cara recalls the first time she got punched in the face and how much she liked it. “Wow! I love this! It made me want to fight back harder.”

She’s got a lot of fight in her, and that no doubt helped her earn one of the most sought-after jobs in the fitness business. She calls her casting for Biggest Loser a “really fast whirlwind,” quite the contrary to Brett Hoebel, the other new trainer who spent several seasons trying to woo the casting directors. She says the mystery of their identities was a hard secret to keep from family and friends and she’s excited for everyone to finally find out what she’s been up to these past few months.

Cara says we’ll definitely see the contestants boxing this season. “They love it!” she notes, adding that for some of the contestants, “Boxing is the reason they’re losing weight.”

Cara grew up in Elmont, New York with three younger brothers. She attended Hofstra University, where she earned a bachelor’s of arts degree in communications. She then took up a career in boxing and has been seen fighting her way across the U.S. ever since.

We asked Cara about her favorite healthy food and she told us it’s green vegetables because of the great energy they can provide. She rattled off broccoli and artichokes as favorites and said she keeps a bag of spinach in her dressing room to snack on.

No one is safe from vices! For Cara, she has “an addition to New York pizza.” She calls it its “own entity” and the “best [pizza] in the world.”

Watch Biggest Loser on NBC every Tuesday night at 8/7pm CST to see Cara Castronuova in action!

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