Carnie Wilson’s Unstapled Premieres January 14

carnie wilsonA few months back, we mentioned that game show host, singer and entertainer Carnie Wilson is set to appear in her own reality series on the Game Show Network (GSN), entitled “Unstapled.”

The show, which premieres Thursday, January 14, pokes fun at Wilson’s battle with her weight. In 1999, she very publicly underwent weight loss surgery (read online) and with her new show, she plans on chronicling her intentions of losing the 50 pounds of baby weight she put on during her second pregnancy.

You might be wondering what is the connection between game shows and weight loss? 

Aside from what any serial dieter will tell you, namely that weight loss is a veritable game whereby you lose or you “lose,” Wilson has a strong connection with GSN. She has hosted the network’s The Newlywed Game for two seasons helping it rise to GSN’s #1 rated show. The network is now tapping in to the popularity of reality shows, particularly those that feature celebrities or weight loss. In the case of Unstapled, you’ve got both potentially making it a sheer slam-dunk for GSN.

“Unstapled” will draw back the curtain on the personality behind the game show host, as Wilson juggles her careers as game show host, singer, entrepreneur, activist, and most importantly, as a wife and the mother of two young girls.

“I’ve written two autobiographies and posed for Playboy. I think I’ve pretty much been out there,” said Wilson. But, she added, “This is definitely the most exposed I’ve ever been,” Wilson told the Associated Press last fall.

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