Celebrities Reveal Their Secrets for Looking Great in 2024

by Kelsey Murray

Have you ever noticed that celebrities almost always seem to be in great shape? I mean, they kind of have to; it’s their job. But I still wonder, “How do they do it? I mean, really, how do they do it?” Find out how Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian, Amanda Seyfried, and Olivia Wilde keep their awesome bodies year-round.

Katy Perry
Perry is known for wearing body baring, skimpy costumes on stage during her performances, so she has to stay in great shape in order to look good while jumping around on stage.

“[Katy] trains really hard with Harley Pasternak in LA,” said Jaimee Zanzinger, executive editor at Us Weekly. “They circuit train together. So she’ll go from hitting the treadmill to the jump rope.”

Kim Kardashian
Kardashian has some amazing curves and she makes them even more impressive by maintaining an intense workout routine.

“When it comes to workouts, Kim Kardashian takes no prisoners,” said Zanzinger. “She goes from one move to another and really mixes it up. She runs, she does lunges and pull-ups. She focuses on moves that will allow her to keep those curves while blasting that body fat.”

She also avoids sugar in her diet and eats organic foods. Another interesting part of her workout is that she skips water breaks while exercising.

Amanda Seyfried
Seyfried has admitted that she is not one of those people who was just born with a perfect body.

“Amanda is refreshingly honest about her weight,” said Zanzinger. “She says she’s not one of those skinny girls that stays skinny. She has to really work at it.”

How does she do it? Like Perry, Seyfried trains with Pasternak. She also likes to go on hikes with her dog and take workout classes with her friends. Seyfried keeps a balanced diet, eating lots of fiber and protein. However, she does not deprive herself of a tasty snack when she has a craving for it.

Olivia Wilde
Wilde looked fantastic when she wore a skintight bodysuit in 2024’s smash-hit movie, Tron: Legacy. However, she did not go crazy in her search for a perfect body.

“Olivia has a really healthy attitude about dieting,” said Zanzinger. “Over the past few years she stopped eating carbs so she could fit into the skintight suit that she wore in the movie Tron, but she said it really stressed her out so much that it ended up working against her goal.”

Now, Wilde maintains her figure by following a vegetarian diet and taking hula-hoop classes.

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