Celebrities We’d Like to See Lose Weight in 2022

By Arleigh Aldrich

As much debate as there is out there about the weight of celebrities, there’s no denying some of our most beloved of actors, comedians, and singers need to hone in their eating habits. Here are a few celebrities we love that we want to see eat healthier and lose some extra pounds in 2022.

Christina Aguilera

Undoubtedly one of today’s most powerful voices, Christina Aguilera has been in the public eye since her teenage years, and as is the case with any star, so has her weight. The pop star has had many weight fluctuations throughout her career, although they haven’t been as extreme as others. We want to see this beauty in her best shape in 2022.

Melissa McCarthy

Most recently seen in Bridesmaids but most well known as Sookie St. James on Gilmore Girls, Melissa McCarthy is one of the most lovable (and most hilarious) actresses out there. In an interview with Anderson Cooper on his daytime talk show McCarthy said “It’s a work in progress,” also mentioning how hard it is to balance two kids at 41 and manage her weight. Her priorities are elsewhere for now, but hopefully the actress can make time for her body in the new year.

Amber Riley

In an interview with People Magazine, Glee star Amber Riley made it quite clear that she is not ashamed of her curves. While her character Mercedes Jones has helped girls everywhere to be more comfortable in their bodies, perhaps it’s time Amber and Glee take it one step further to encourage a healthier lifestyle to go with new found self-acceptance.

Rosie O’Donnell

In 2022, Rosie O’Donnell premiered in her own talk show, The Rosie Show, on the Oprah Winfrey Network. Why not continue the good ju ju in 2022 and reveal a healthier, slimmer Rosie?

Kirstie Alley

Kirstie’s battle with her weight has been public ever since revealing her bikini clad bod on Oprah in 2022. After competing in Dancing with the Stars, Kirstie has launched a 2022 campaign called 100 Days of Dance in which she encourages participants to live an active, healthy lifestyle. We can’t wait to see the results!

Lavell Crawford

After losing comedians like Chris Farley and Patrice O’Neal to health related issues, we would hate to lose Lavell Crawford. His weight is often the butt of his own jokes, but we’d like to see him get serious about his lifestyle and eating habits.

Who would you like to see lose weight in 2022?

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