Claire Danes’ Post-Baby Body Rocked the Golden Globes

Just one month ago, Claire Danes had a baby. No one ever would have known last night at the Golden Globe Awards, though, as she showed off her stunning post-baby body in a fire red Versace dress on the red carpet. The actress garnered a Globe Award for Best Actress in a TV Drama for her role in “Homeland.”

Although the star did not divulge details of how she slimmed down in time for the award ceremony, she did mention her new son, Cyrus Michael Christopher born December 17, in her acceptance speech, thanking him and husband Hugh Dancy for their support.

Danes told Access Hollywood, “It’s very startling, to find myself on a red carpet. I’ve been in sweatpants for a while.”

To maintain her weight over the years, the 33-year-old tries not to go on extreme diets, instead preferring whole foods while avoiding heavily processed ones. In interviews, she says she eats in moderation but occasionally indulges, telling, “Every now and then it’s good to indulge the soul.” She also works out with a trainer, but admits to hating the gym. Although Danes exercises at the gym when it is necessary to prepare for a role, she prefers other activities like dancing instead.

Danes made many envious of how quickly she lost her baby weight and got into shape, including a lot of Twitter users, as these tweets attest:

Our resident dietitian, Mary Hartley, RD also thought Danes looked healthy, slim, and not too thin, but reminded those at home despairing that they will never look even close to that baby or no, “She probably has good genes and snaps into shape quickly after pregnancy. Still, don’t expect her to look great naked. Remember, Claire knows how to dress for her figure.”

Danes’ deep v-neck dress accentuated just the right places and the ruching in the fabric helped to hide any bumpy bits. Also, said Hartley, “The red color of her gown melted into the carpet and there had to be Spanx underneath. Like an athlete, a star’s body is her fortune and Claire takes care of hers.”

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