Coleen Skeabeck Joins

coleen skeabeckIf you followed Biggest Loser: Families and came to adore the woman known as “America’s Sweetheart,” we’ve got a treat for you. Coleen Skeabeck is joining the team as the season seven Biggest Loser Correspondent. Each week, right here in the Diet Blog, you’ll be able to watch Coleen’s video recaps of each episode. This is the only place online where you’ll find Biggest Loser contestants giving the skinny on the newest members of the weight loss reality show.

Enjoy this brief message from Coleen.

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7 Responses to Coleen Skeabeck Joins DietsInReview

Heather K says:

Does this mean no more Bernie?!? Don’t get me wrong I love Coleen but Bernie is Bernie.

Chris C says:

I love Coleen! From the beginning of the show I wanted her to win! I’m glad that her dad did so great also!
I don’t think this means that Bernie is leaving. Haven’t heard anything about that.

Sophia says:

Love Coleen!! so excited to see you on here every week! you are such an inspiration to everyone! and you are truly genuine! Love ya lots

webgoddess says:

Colleen, you’re awesome and really inspirational! I wanted you to win last season. I will miss Bernie though; hopefully he’s just taking a hiatus and will still do some videos here.

Marcia says:

Coleen…you are just awesome…i am so proud of everything that you accomplished and you are a inspiration to all people…keep up the good work…..Love ya

kennedy says:

Yaay!! It’s so good to “see” you Coleen! I’m so happy you’re our new BL correspondent!! YOU ROCK! 🙂

Ally A. says:

Coleen I am so glad that your taking what you learn and helping other people 🙂 You are truely a great girl. I don’t really know you but I just feel like I do because of BL, I think you really get to know people..

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