Coleen’s Biggest Loser Episode 7-1 Recap

In this week’s episode of the Biggest Loser we are introduced to 11 new teams that are about to change their lives. Among those teams we have the heaviest female (Carla), the heaviest contestant (Daniel) and the oldest (Jerry and Estella) and youngest contestant (Mike) to ever compete. A few firsts for The Biggest Loser.

Jillian and Bob arrive and the teams are made. Before anyone even gets to training we see Jerry from the white team have a health scare as he passes out while the athletic trainer is taking his pulse. Jerry tells his wife, Estella, that he’s feeling out of it and passes out. We find out that Jerry had a drop in his blood pressure causing him to pass out. Thank goodness he’s OK!

biggest loser 7The teams head off to their first challenge where they are to race from one end of a downtown Los Angeles bridge to another. But don’t forget about the 250,000 pound sand pile blocking their path! The contestants must arrive at their team colored flags and it’s not until both team members have arrived that they can race back. After three rounds the final two teams will compete for a worthy prize of immunity at the next weigh in. I know from experience that immunity is like having a golden ticket! We see the yellow and black teams compete neck-to-neck in the final round. The black team wins the challenge by the skin of their teeth! Literally! A hand is what got the black team across the finish line first! Great work!

Working out with Jillian and Bob is no walk in the park and the teams experience their first workout in the Biggest Loser gym. There’s puking, sweating, crying and screaming. All sounds that one would typically hear on a regular day on the ranch! Jillian dares her team to quit as Bob reminds his team that today is the day to take action in their lives.

During the first few moments of the weigh-in, Ali decided to deliver some crucial news. There will be NO elimination tonight. That’s right! No elimination. But by the look on Jillian’s and Bob’s faces, we know another twist is about to be revealed. There’s no elimination because nine contestants below the yellow line are going home tonight. Whaaaat?! After everyone weighs in, we see some record breaking weight loss! The brown team blows away the competition with a 6.60 percent, putting them above the yellow line and safe from elimination!

After an emotional discussion among themselves, the nine teams head into the elimination room to tell Ali who will be heading home. Leaving the ranch tonight were: Shanon, Sione, Laura, Aubrey, Nicole, David, Carla, Cathy and Estella. They have a chance to return in 30 days if their teammates are still in the game. An episode full of twist, turns and lots of emotion! To the at home contestants remember, “it’s not how many times you’ve been knocked out, it’s how many times you get back up!”

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webgoddess says:

That was an interesting twist to send almost half of the people home on the first week, with some of them returning in a month or so.

I’m rooting for Jerry, Tara, Dan, and the black team.

flgrits says:

I wasn’t too fond of the twist of sending 9 people home but then I got to thinking… all of us have to lose the weight at home, so why not them too. I like alot of the teams this season but I think my fave is the orange team, David and Daniel. The teams seem to have better attitudes this season for which I’m grateful since my kids watch it with me.

mrsflood says:

I was also surprised about at sending them home early. I am rooting for the Purple team. I also like Daniel. Good Luck

Karen says:

I thought the twist was great. It gives the contestants a way to show America how they did at home. It will not be easy for them but it never is for the person who never makes it to The Biggest Loser but it can be done.

Great work Coleen on your first commentary. I’m sure Jerry in this episode brought up a memory of your own dad having trouble the first few weeks.

Keep up the good work. And I think David and Daniel (orange team) and Jerry and Estelle (white team) have won the hearts of America already.

Congratulations to all the teams for getting through that first challenge. Especially a congratulations to the Black Team for winning and the Yellow Team for coming in a very strong second. You all work.

sue says:

It was definitely a show of many firsts for the Biggest Loser. The size of the players and the ages and the poor health the contestents seemed to be in. I hope they all stay focused and not lose sight of why they are really there. I know that is what happened last season. I look forward to reading your blog every week.

Mark from 24hrfitness says:

Excellent review by America’s Sweetheart “Colleen”. My opinion of this season’s premiere is simply this. The success of this show has given hope to the hopeless but not necesarrily will to the unwilling in some cases. Many people watch this show with the mentality that results this drastic can only be achieved in a “no failure” “the biggest loser ranch”. I believe the producers of the show are starting to recognize that, therefore the twist in this first episode was nothing more than a monumental attempt to bring the show to reality, and prove to the critics that with the ranch or not, the impossible CAN be achieved once a individual has made the decision to alter their life and habits.

sue says:

what is waiting moderation mean?

sue says:

can’t wait to see your recap every week! BL looks good this season hope everyone stays focused on weight loss and getting healthy and not just mean and nasty game play!

Robin says:

Great recap, and I was very shocked at the twist. I, unfortunately, missed the first hour, and haven’t picked a favorite team yet. I am however, rooting for Daniel … don’t know why but right now he’s the one I’m favoring!

Anyway, I look froward to your recaps as we go along watching this season!

Frankie says:

I hate to say it but I was glad to see a couple go home- it was a good kick in the pants as well to make them realize they need to get serious about it. There are too many others who would love to be in their place. This season starting off so far though..these people want this more than any one I’ve seen on BL. It’s going to be fun watching! I am excited though to see the ones who went home come back…see if they did their part while away. Fear can be a great motivator!

Brandi says:

Hi Sue – thanks for your comment! We moderate all comments before they are published, to keep our boards clean of profanity and spam.

Sophia says:

These people really need help, I am glad they are there-hopefully all will be successful as we all know lose weight is no easy task- thanks for the recap coleen! cant wait to see the video!!

Erin says:

I think its a great idea because the news has been talking about how many contestants go home and just struggle to stay on great. Its giving America hope that this process does work.

jan says:

Great job Coleen and great to see you again. LAst night’s episode was a shock to say the least, but them I watched the interview with Bernie and Jillian tonight. I agree with Jillian that game play was getting too much and last season almost lost me and I have never missed an episode since the show began. Honestly I thought they were doing another twist with another trainer again at first. I know the contestants are going for the big prize money, but that is not why they first tried out and I hope we can see a lot more of the workouts and less interviews spewed with anger and such. As the beginning of the show demonstrated too many of us really don’t know how to start out a good exercise when left to our own devises.
thanks and I look forward to the future blogs

Dave says:

Coleen great recap of the 1st show and I can’t believe the twist that was put into the game in only the 1st week. When you think about it though this will just push the people you remained even harder so they get back there partner and then it is will push the person sent home because they will want to show there dramatic weight loss when they return. In all a great show and yes even myself and my mom were sitting infront of the TV saying what, what are they doing. Great review Coleen

Dave says:

who remained not you remained lol

Lori says:

Coleen, wonderful review! You made me want to watch the first episode all over again. That twist was CRAZY! I can’t wait to see them come back!

“Karen” 🙂

Amber says:

Coleen, you look fabulous! Your review was great! I didn’t know what to think about this first episode, but after I thought about it, I loved that they are trying to make it real for those of us at home that sometimes think that losing weight isn’t realistic. Kinda sad for that many people to go home though, lots of health problems and I hope they have a chance to come back to the ranch to learn more about how to help themselves! I can’t wait til next week!

Will says:

This cast is sooo good! Coleen, Great job on the recap! All that in one take! Amazing!! You are looking more beautiful than ever!

~¤christy¤~ says:

Coleen, great job on the recap of episode 1. I personally know a few people who are huge fans of the show but do not get to see it every week. This blog is an excellent way for those less fortunate to hear and see what they may have missed… I thought the twist at the weigh in was a great way to show america (and the rest of the world) that it can be done at home if u want it bad enough!!! I look foward to readin/seein Coleens blogs every week!! 😉

Heather K says:

Great job Coleen, I really enjoyed the recap! I’m so looking forward to next weeks show! The preview was cut off by my DVR. All I saw was Bob’s mouth in a snarl! I’m more exited that I don’t know what that was all about. I can’t wait!!!

kennedy says:

Great recap Coleen! 🙂 You’re a great writer! I can sum up episode 1 in just one word – WOW! OMGosh, all the twists! I loved Jillian’s expression when Ali announced there would be no elimination – Jillian just KNEW there was a catch somewhere!

I’m looking forward to next week’s episode – can’t wait to see Bob explode! LOL


Joe Chavez says:

Great job Coleen! You are a true natural! Diets in Review is lucky to have you as their new corespondent. Keep up the great work!

Kelly Davisson says:

great recap coleen!!!
i have to admit this will actually be the 1st full season of BL i will be watching from beginning to end. i started watching last season maybe midway through right before your dad left and i have to say you 2 truthfully inspired me and since this is my 1st season i cant really chime in about the twist and stuff
i sure hope the contestants this season can stick with it, cant wait til the finale!

Great job! I missed the first episode so I’m going to watch the rerun on FLN on Saturday night. Keep up the great work!

Ann says:

Great job Colleen! I am so excited the Biggest Loser is starting again. I didn’t like the new twist of sending 9 people home the first week. I really like the black team. I read somewhere that it is more than a week that the contestants have before they weigh in. The producers wanted bigger weight loss. Does anyone know if this is true? Keep up the good work Coleen!

Skylar says:

Great insider recap Colleen! I love the enthusiasm you inject because you know exactly how these new teams feel.

I was so scared for the “grandparents” team and though it’s a competition, I couldn’t believe none of the other women went to comfort Estella. So glad Jerry came back and did such a great job losing.

No fave team yet, but I certainly am looking forward to next week’s show and your recap!

Michelle says:

Hi Coleen,
Great job :0) I loved the show, but then I always do. I didn’t like the twist too much at first but thinking it over it could be a good thing to show America that people CAN do this at home.
Though in that respect it would have been a REAL twist to have them coming back on the ranch hinge upon the weightloss by the person that went home.
I too am glad that Jerry is ok. I was concerned when he passed out.
I remember being worried about your dad and now look how well he has done? :0) Hopefully Jerry will too.

Laura says:

I have been watching this show since the first season and have learned alot. I have now quit frying foods,use olive oil, george forman grill for cooking my food. Eating more fruits and vegetables I am trying to eat the proper foods. Since May I have lost 20 pounds and hope to lose more. Congradulations to all of the contestants that have lost weight in the past years. Would like to see recap of past contestants to see how they are doing. Bob and Jullian you are doing a fantastic job at helping everyone Keep it up.

Israel says:

Coleen, good first recap. Very detailed. You look amazing!!! I think I just found a new favorite video blogger. 🙂

Heather says:

Loved the show so far. Not to crazy about sending 9 people home. But we will see. Coleen you did a good job but you looked a little nervous. You seem to be trying to much. Just let it flow. You will be better with some practice. Keep up the good work you look awesome.

Linda says:

Colleen, I am on board with the biggest loser and I feel like we are all in it together. I love the show. I too am rooting for David and Daniel. Love them! I have changed my cooking and eating habits and have lost 8lbs. already! So glad I read your blogs and watch your videos daily.

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