Danni Allen Saves Jillian Michaels from Biggest Loser Elimination in Week 5

Episode five opens with the question, “Could this be the end of the White Team?”. The score is Blue Team: 5, Red Team: 4, White Team: 1. If I go home this week, Jillian does, too. The pressure is on!

I was SO nervous going into this first workout. There is no one else for Jillian Michaels to focus on; it’s one on one now. Can I keep up with Jillian’s expectations? Jillian and I took on a new approach this week – she is putting it in my hands. I will decide when and where she needed to push; it is up to me.

The Challenge: each team had a “Wishing Fountain” and on the other side of the pond were five-pound coins. Each person on each team needed to get ten coins in their respective fountain. The winning team would receive 10 one-year memberships to Planet Fitness AND the choice of a two pound advantage on the scale or the opportunity to call home! With my background in swimming and water polo, this challenge was mine to win! The challenge starts and I burst off the gate. My swimming days came back to me, but it was a lot harder.  These coins are HEAVY but I knew I had to win. AND I DID! I chose the advantage; I NEED to stay on the Ranch.

This weigh-in is CRUCIAL. If I lose, BOTH Jillian and I go home. The Red Team pulls great numbers and the Blue Team CRUSHES it. I’m a nervous wreck walking up to the scale! With the two pound advantage, I still need to lose more than four pounds. The numbers scroll… Was this the best week for Jillian to give me control? It stops… NINE POUNDS! I’m safe! Jillian and I have a moment where we just look at each other and know we’ve figured it out.  We are a team; she and I can get this done! Thank you Jillian Michaels – There is a method to your madness.

I would like to say that I had the BEST teammates anyone could ask for and it breaks my heart to know that they were unable to experience everything the Biggest Loser had to offer. Nikki Davis, though you left us early on, you are an example that this process is more than losing weight – it is a mental and emotional struggle, too. I am proud of you T.C. Pool, your heart is the biggest part of you and I know you can do this for your family! Nate Montgomery, you are like the brother I never had. You have the BEST spirit and Brazilian dance moves I have ever seen! Pam Geil, you were my rock! Losing you last week was the hardest thing I had to experience. I would take many more bumps and bruises if it meant one more day with you on the Ranch. You gave me invaluable strength and encouragement. I love you all and I hope I get the opportunity to continue to represent our team well.

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photo credits: Trae Patton/NBC

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