Detox Diets Demystified

With the new year comes a heavy rotation of diet product marketing. Losing weight is on just about everyone’s mind, especially after a little overindulgence during the holidays. So which direction are you going to choose?lemon detox diet

One popular approach is detox dieting. A detox diet, or cleansing diet, purports to remove toxins and poisons from your body. You’re supposed to eat natural foods, which will aid in proper organ function.

But detox diets are controversial. That’s because their legitimacy is often in question by the scientific community. Scientists assert that their is no evidence that products promoted as detox work.

According to the BBC, the charitable trust Sense About Science reviewed 15 products. They looked at everything from bottled water to face scrub, and found many of their claims were “meaningless.”

“Your body is the best detox product you have,” says one spokesperson for Sense about Science.

An investigation was also carried out by the Voice of Young Science network, where they challenged the phraseology used in the detox product pushers’ ad campaigns, saying that each company had their own definition for the terms.

The group challenged companies behind products as varied as vitamins, shampoo, detox patches and a body brush on the evidence they had to support the detox claims made.

For more on how companies use liberal definitions of what a toxin is in order to hock their products, check out this article at the BBC’s website. And learn more about detox diets here at

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