DietTribe Goes to Vegas!

In Monday night’s episode of DietTribe, Lifetime’s new reality show that chronicles five girlfriends’ 90-day journey to lose 30 pounds, the girls headed to Sin City for a night of fun, glamour and glitz.

las vegas signEven though the girls were left unsupervised by their trainer Jessie and their motivational coach, Stacy, they did a commendable and impressive job at avoiding all the extravagant all-you-can-eat buffets that are part of Vegas’ signature charm and indulgence. Instead, they were treated to a gourmet, low-fat, low-calorie full-course meal by the Canyon Ranch Grill, which blends culinary excellence with nutritional wisdom.

The DietTribe feasted on lamb sausage, roasted fennel and peppers, duck breast and shrimp and goat cheese ravioli. Best of all was that the girls were told how many calories were in each meal before digging in. Most of the dishes had less than 300 calories per plate and what they lacked in fat, they made up for in taste. A few of the DietTribe actually got a bit weepy over how amazing the food tasted.

After their meal, they hit a Chippendale’s show, where bride-to-be Anna received a special dance on stage with the dancers. And nearly fainted afterward.

The members of DietTribe

The members of DietTribe

The most challenging moment of the entire episode was when Jessie surprised the girls in their hotel room after their night of eating, drinking and dancing. With their hangovers still thumping in their temples, they were quickly whisked off to a massive rock climbing wall where they each had to harness up, face their fears and scale to the top. And after tears, near panic attacks, scary slips, encouraging words and movivational nudges from their tribe members, each of the girls managed to astonish even themselves and complete the climb.

With only fourteen days left in their 90-day weight loss journey, Morgan, Anna and Shauna have met (or nearly met) their goal of losing 30 pounds. Lydia and Megan are shy about 5-7 pounds. But rather than maintaining their weight loss, each of the women are challenging themselves to lose even more weight in their remaining days together.

Here is an honest and frank clip from the DietTribe Diaries confessional booth where the gals dish on the inside scoop of their road to weight loss.

Tune in for next week for the finale recap and Jessie’s meal plan!

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