DietTribe: TV’s Newest Diet Reality Show

DietTribe is Lifetime television’s newest reality show, which chronicles the emotional weight loss journey of five close girlfriends. The premise of the show is that these friends (Morgan, Megan, Lydia, Shawna and Anna) are on a quest to lose 30 pounds before the wedding of Anna.

The members of DietTribe

The members of DietTribe

Similar to other shows like The Biggest Loser, a physical trainer is on hand to help motivate the women, torch calories and give them a whole new physique and outlook on exercise. In addition, psychotherapist Stacy Kaiser from Celebrity Fit Club will lend her expertise to help the women overcome emotional eating and to alter their relationship to food from a dysfunctional one to a healthy one.

The show, which is just about two episodes in to its first season, will follow these women over the course of three months. But already there is a bit of a buzz that the women do more complaining about losing weight then they do express motivation for doing the hard work that is required for any weight loss plan to work. Fortunately, this group of friends is not on a far-reaching quest to whittle their waists down to a size 2, but rather they are set on reaching a realistic weight to maintain while using their friend’s wedding as an impetus to get in shape and slim down.

Each of the girls is on a pretty strict “clean” eating plan of about 1,500 calories a day. Three meals and two snacks make up this 50/30/20 ratio of proteins, carbohydrates and fat, which was designed by their trainer Jessie Pavelka.

The philosophy behind DietTribe is looking at how friends enable us to be healthy or not so healthy. Many research studies have showed that your support system plays in an integral in helping you walk or stumble across your weight loss journey.

Over the course of the show, will bring you updates every Tuesday following the show, which airs on the Lifetime Network, each Monday at 10 p.m. EST. Stay tuned as we watch closely the DietTribe’s success and chronicle the ins and outs of their diet and exercise program!

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