Eat Like the Stars by Re-Creating the 71st Annual Golden Globes Menu

For those of us who anticipate awards season every year, we know that the Globes are all about celebrating achievement and having a good time. With both television and film being recognized, it’s guaranteed you’ll see your favorite actors from both the big and small screens.

golden globe

Hosting the event this year for the second time are Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. The dynamic comedy duo were arguably the best part of last year’s show, so you can look forward to another great performance full of jokes about the more easy-going nature of the Globes.

The more relaxed atmosphere of the Golden Globes also allows the stars to enjoy an amazing three course Mediterranean-inspired meal. Chefs estimate they will serve about 150 vegan and gluten-free meals tonight to stars with pickier palettes and different dietary needs. For the rest of the celebrities, the announced menu sounds absolutely divine, and absolutely re-creatable.

golden globes appetizer

First Course 
The first course at the Globes will be an appetizer plate with grilled vegetables, hummus, grilled pita bread, and multi-grain toubeleh. Veggies and pita you can find just about anywhere, and we’ve got your hummus recipe covered. Black-eyed peas make this dish really stand out.

golden globes main course

Second Course
For the main part of the meal, your favorite celebrities will dine on braised short rib, smoked sea trout, and spinach, polenta, and corn side dishes. We love that they’re serving healthy foods like fish and plenty of vegetables! Spinach in particular is a versatile ingredient that can be used a variety of ways.

golden globes dessert

Third Course
Dessert at the Golden Globes sounds absolutely delicious. To finish out the meal, guests will be served mango yogurt mousse. Our own mango mousse takes just five minutes to prepare, and only has four ingredients! If you want something a little more indulgent for dessert, we recommend our Butterscotch Peanut Butter MousseIt’s surprisingly diet-friendly, and delicious.

Once you’ve dined like a celebrity, sit back, relax, and enjoy the show! The Golden Globes airs live tonight on NBC, 8PM Eastern/5PM Pacific.

Golden Globe image from Helga Esteb/, Food images from Images

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