8 Sinless Game Day Recipes for the Denver Broncos Fan

The words healthy eating and football food aren’t exactly synonymous. When you think of your typical game day fare, foods like buffalo wings, pizza, and nachos come to mind. In Colorado, we’re all about keeping a healthy lifestyle. The Centennial state has been named the thinnest state in the U.S. for several years in a row—but that doesn’t mean that we don’t like to indulge every now and then! It’s definitely possible to create some healthy alternatives using some of the ingredients that Colorado is known for, including green chiles, lean game meats, and even beer!

Since the Denver Broncos have made it to the big game this year, Coloradoans have something even more special to celebrate! Here are eight great recipes that include everything that Colorado does best.

These winners are sure to please the palate of the biggest Denver fans:


Bison Sliders
Bison has quickly gained popularity as one of the best burger making proteins. It’s a healthier alternative to beef and has the same delicious flavor. Blair from the Cookin’ Skinny blog shows you how to make the most delicious sliders that will please every beef lover at your table.

Denver Scrambled Eggs
Start off the morning of the big day with this take on the famous Denver omelet. Also known as the western omelet, this dish is believed to have been named by cooks working on the transcontinental railroad (but no one really knows!). This lighter version of the classic breakfast is simple to make, big in flavor, and can easily be enjoyed any time of day.

Peach and Hatch Chile Salsa
If you’ve never tried a Colorado peach before, you’re missing out! This delicious salsa recipe from Rachael White’s Set the Table blog combines sweet and heat using local peaches and roasted hatch chiles, another local favorite.

Beer Braised Pork Tacos
The mile-high city is home to the world’s largest single brewery and the home of The Great American Beer Fest, so it’s easy to say that the folks of Denver enjoy their beer. Choose your favorite Colorado brew (there are over 2,000 breweries to choose from) to make these bold and zesty tacos.


Sunset Guacamole
If you ask any Colorado native to name a food that’s popular to the state, the answer will likely be green chiles. This recipe adds some heat and flavor to one of the most beloved companions to chips, sliced veggies, and pita bread.

Beer Burger Buns
There’s no better way to really show off your culinary skills than by making your own buns to go along with your bison burgers. Jackie from the The Beeroness site shows you how easy it is to make your own homemade burger buns using a special ingredient: beer!

Cowgirl Elk Chili with Roasted Sweet Potatoes
Elk is a lean game meat that you’re likely to see on menus in restaurants all over Colorado in the form of tenderloin, burgers, and even hot dogs! It’s also a delicious addition to any chili recipe- especially this mouth-watering one from Marla, the voice behind Family Fresh Cooking.

Savory and Sweet Frozen Vanilla Peach Custard
After all a day full of eating salty snacks, it’s time to treat your sweet tooth. We tested out this recipe from Whole Foods Diet Cookbook and would never guess by tasting it that it’s actually good for you! Use Colorado peaches to create this simple, quick dessert and if you’re feeling really indulgent, add a little Colorado whiskey!

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