Fast Food Chains Removing Pink Slime from their Hamburgers

McDonald’s, Taco Bell, and Burger King announced they are officially dropping the use of Pink Slime in their food. Wait?! What? They were using something called Pink Slime?

Yes, not only were these major chains using the slime, but 70 percent of all the burgers in the United States contain the ingredient, too.

Pink Slime is the name given to ammoniated boneless lean beef trimmings. It’s an inexpensive beef filler. However, Pink Slime is unfit for human consumption until it is gassed with ammonia. McDonald’s and the other big chains are discontinuing their use of the slime after celebrity chef Jamie Oliver launched a campaign of criticism about the ingredient. Oliver brought the truth of the slime to the public’s eyes during his ABC television show Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. Oliver explained how the filler is cheaply sold as dog food, but after the ammonia gassing, it can be served to humans. One of the biggest frustrations about the slime is that it is widely used in school lunches.

The beef that contains Pink Slime is processed by Beef Products Inc. The company recently lost 25 percent of its business because of consumer backlash. Surely, the big names like Taco Bell and Burger King were major contributors to that business loss. The company fears that other chains and retailers will follow their lead.

Are you kidding me?! My government, the one I voted into office, says this is okay to put in our food? To put in our kids’ school lunches? I don’t even know many dog owners who would feed that low grade food to their pets, but apparently it’s ok for our kids. Pink Slime: reason number 8 bajillion to pack the lunch box and avoid drive-thrus.

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