Fitness Star Jack LaLanne Dies at Age 96

Fitness Expert Jack LaLanneOften called the “godfather of fitness,” the exercise expert Jack LaLanne died yesterday at the age of 96. His agent, Rick Hersh reports that LaLanne exercised everyday of his life until the end. He died in his home in Morro Bay, California, of respiratory failure caused by pneumonia complications.

The Jack LaLanne Show was the longest running television exercise program in history, beginning in 1951 and running through the 1970s. He particularly encouraged his viewers to lift weights, and often said “The only way you can hurt the body is not use it.”  He was also a proponent of healthy eating, steering fans away from processed foods. LaLanne also endorsed a range of fitness products, including, juicers, supplements and exercise bands.

LaLanne credited exercise with changing his life as a teen, and made it his life-long goal to inspire others to engage in physical activity. Last year, LaLanne published the book Live Young Forever, which discusses the importance of exercise for older people.

Via USA Today.

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