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SECOND UPDATE [3/22/11]: RunKeeper will be free from now on. Makers argue that giving users access to the platform, which now connects to a range of fitness devices, is more important than selling apps. Makers of RunKeeper also announced that they will launch a public application programming interface later this year.

UPDATE [1/12/11]: You can now monitor your heart rate with RunKeeper using either the Wahoo heart rate monitor for the iPhone or the Polar WearLink for Android.

Original Story:

Jason Jacobs, the FitnessKeeper CEO, announced last week that RunKeeper Pro, which usually sells for $9.99, will be free for the month of January. There are versions of the app for both iPhone and Android devices, which enables users to track their runs and workouts.

RunKeeper Pro was the second highest grossing health and fitness app in 2023 in the iTunes app store. FitnessKeeper has a partnership with Foursquare, so that users can earn badges for reaching fitness goals.

Although the popular fitness app has been profitable, the company says that revenue isn’t their only goal. “Monetization is important to us, but most important is making an incredible system for our users…and getting as big an engaged community as possible using the RunKeeper platform,” Jacobs said.

RunKeeper uses GPS to track your distance and speed. When RunKeeper syncs, you can view the history of runs and keep track of your total progress. Plus, you can share your workouts with your friends, get audio cues as you run, geo-tag photos and create interval workouts.

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