Get Jennifer Aniston’s Sleek Yoga Arms

jennifer aniston yogaJennifer Aniston has one of the most coveted body’s in Hollywood. One of her best features are her lithe and lean arms which she credits to yoga. Her thrice-a-week yoga routine has helped her muscles get stronger without bulking up because of yoga’s ability to elongate muscle fibers.

In yoga, your body weight is your own gym. You rely on your own body weight to increase your strength rather than a hand-weight or bench press. The contraction and extension of yoga postures that use the arms like chatarunga dandasana, downward dog, hand-stands and hundreds of others strengthen and lengthen your upper and lower arms as well as your shoulders and back muscles giving your body a graceful yet strong look.

Here is a video of an Ashtanga yoga arm sequence. Sun salutations are a series of connected movements that are linked together by the breath. This particular sun salutation is one of the most traditional and also one of the most intense. It is both cardiovascular as well as strength-intensive.

Practice 5-10 repetitions of sun salutations each day and over a few short weeks, notice the changes in the appearance and strength of your arms.

Even though you may not have the privilege of having a personal yoga teacher come to your house like Jen does, there are scores of arm-strengthening yoga postures that you can do on your own which will you give you the same effect. Best of all, you’ll be dying to show off your new sleek guns in tank tops and bikinis by the time beach weather rolls around.

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adam elsaid says:

my name is adam and i saw your picture on the website for yogs can i get your number so we can get together and do yoga

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