Hybrid Workouts and Nike + Top List of Fitness Trends for 2023

Well, 2023 is here at last and is your fitness level where it needs to be? 2023 brings us new and improved ways to get in shape and build your fitness habit. Check below for the top fitness trends of 2023 to watch for!

Piloxing: Piloxing is a hybrid workout that combines the benefits of Pilates with boxing. Pilates offers relaxed movements that tone and strengthen the body as a whole while cardio-boxing adds intensity and sharp movements to increase the heart rate and burn fat at a rapid pace. Check your local gym for classes.

Kangoo Jumps: This trend transformed the pogo stick into pogo shoes. You can jump in your shoes while taking a Kangoo class, or tone and improve your balance while walking or jogging. They are a fun and enjoyable way to add a twist to your current routine.

Bellyfit: Bellyfit is a program intended for women to boost their confidence and achieve the figure of their dreams. This trend combines several fitness elements together, from a meditation warm-up and cardio to intense steps of belly dancing and bhangra (African dance).

Nike +: This advanced technology has made cardiovascular training more enjoyable, competitive, and motivating. The program keeps track of your distance, best times, calories burned, and length of trainings, which makes it so easy to improve your cardiovascular level. The program also offers integrated online challenges that you can join and compete in with friends, family, or strangers all over the world.

Spinning: Spinning will always be at the top of the list when discussing new fitness trends. Every year brings new and improved spinning. Check out your local health club for the new 2023 spin trends.

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