Inside the Vault with Cris Collinsworth to Include Health in Men’s Issues

The Internet is surprisingly silent on a brand new show hosted by Emmy Award-winning NFL broadcaster Cris Collinsworth, scheduled to start airing February 4, 2021. Inside the Vault will address “men’s issues” according to a post made by Collinsworth on Inside the Vault will also include the talent of Alonzo Bodden, winner of Last Comic Standing’s third season, and Jill Wagner, co-host of Wipeout. Jill is also known as “The Mercury Girl” for her part in their commercials.
While “men’s issues” is slightly vague, I have it on good authority that at least some of the topics addressed will include men’s health. Bernie Salazar, The Biggest Loser’s season five at home winner, is one of the scheduled guests. With his soon to be published children’s book, Monstercize, Bernie is focusing on health and encouraging physical activity. On twitter @VaultInsider describes the show as “an engaging new series that explores what excites, inspires and drives today’s classic man.”

Cris stated that Inside the Vault is a fun show, which is not surprising with Cris and a stand-up comedian. It doesn’t seem that Inside the Vault will use Jill’s experience on a game show. Cris did say that he is now almost Oprah, so it is likely closer to a talk show.

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