Interview with Biggest Loser’s Eliminated Contestants Daniel and David

We didn’t get much of a chance to get to know David, as he left the Biggest Loser week 1 as a result of Alison’s twist; but America did quickly fall for Daniel. He was the heaviest player in the show’s history, a starting weight of 454 pounds, and also one of the youngest at age 19.

Daniel worked out with Jillian at the ranch for 30 days, and lost 60 pounds before being eliminated in week 4. Saying goodbye to Jillian, he said “I love you.” He told us “she’s five-foot-nothing and I’m terrified of this woman,” in a jovial way that shows the respect they have for one another, and the appreciation he has for her. He said in week four when he fell on the treadmill while Jillian yelled at him that that moment was his turning point. All he could think about was being at home on the couch eating ice cream, and that’s when he finally had to admit he is an emotional eater. He now understands what food is and how to put it in its place.

Meanwhile, David was back at home in North Carolina. He said “the camera guys tell you want to do,” and that he was naive enough to think they wouldn’t air video of him eating fried chicken (on what turned out to be his high calorie day). Daniel said it hurt him to finally learn the hard time David was having back at home.

Listen now as David and Daniel discuss the growing child and teen obesity trends, and where the responsibility lies.

David talked about the struggle he had even during week one, which helped make the determination to send him home and leave Daniel at the ranch. Daniel says he loved being at the ranch because “it’s the perfect environment for change,” while David remained “honest about his inner struggle” by telling his fellow contestants before elimination “my commitment is here, my heart is not.”

Their friendship remains in tact, they even say it is probably stronger today. They both expressed that the Biggest Loser ranch is not a magic pill, but it does give the space necessary to “work through personal issues.”

They’re now working hard in the gym and watching closely what they eat. David says eating healthy can be expensive, but you have to make the choice to give the extra time to shop and budget for those healthier items and avoid temptations that surround you. He also says when it comes to working out, find something you enjoy. For him, it’s an hour-and-a-half of full court basketball with friends, which can burn about 2,000 calories.

Daniel is enjoying cooking foods that are good for him and easily replacing former favorites like fried chicken. He says the Winning Fried Chicken recipe in the original Biggest Loser Cookbook is “stinkin’ awesome.” He also enjoys carrots and hummus to replace chips and dips. The guys plan to eat Curtis Stone’s Rosemary Chicken Skewers this Sunday while they cheer on the Arizona Cardinals’ Kurt Warner.

4 Responses to Interview with Biggest Loser’s Eliminated Contestants Daniel and David

Jacqueline says:

Just love Dan and hope he can win the at home prize. I’m not sure what to think of Dave — could be the editors’ trick that make me question his commitment — but I wish him nothing but the best. He got to go shopping with Curtis Stone at Walmart! Beyond awesome…

Gloria says:

I really, really like who Daniel is –and it really hurt me when he was voted off. I will NEVER watch the show again, just because of this. I emailed the show’s website and told them so.
I want to see Daniel loose weight – he’s so cute now, and he’ll look
so awesome when he’s at his right weight for his height.
I would love to know how to encourage him on, and hope he reads my comment….

Cathy says:

I didn’t want to watch Biggest Loser anymore after Daniel was voted off either, I was really looking forward to seeing him progress on the ranch. But I probably will, anyways, Daniel and David do your best , I know you can , like another mom said here, Daniel you have a special place in my heart as I have sons around your age and 2 of them really battle their weight too. You really seem to have a heart of gold and I wish only the best for both you and your friend David. oh yeah and i’m going to trying that ‘stinkin awsome’ fried chicken recipe soon!!

I really like that you lost so much weight i love you

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