Is Britney Spears’ Weight Loss Just Photoshopping?

femme fatale tourPop icon Britney Spears can’t escape the headlines for too long, it seems she’s always making some sort of news. Currently it’s her weight loss that’s being put under the microscope. Or rather, the possible falsified photos indicating weight loss. Spears just wrapped up a successful concert tour titled Femme Fatale and she accepted an engagement proposal from her longtime boyfriend Jason Trawick. Things have been looking up for the young star. After years of negative drama swarming her image, Spears seems to be in a much healthier place. Her body has represented that health as well. Critics have taken note that she’s slimmed down in the last few months and she’s looking better than ever.

Spears appeared in the recent edition of V Magazine. The article discussed her tour and she praised her crew for all their hard work. The image of Spears was captured in September and is currently the only piece of the article getting mentioned.

Some commentators have simply mentioned how trim Spears looks in the shot, raising the assumption that she must have really worked hard to slim down for the photo shoot. Fans haven’t been as kind though. Most have made comments claiming that the photo was tampered to make Spears look much thinner than she really is. The image is slightly suspicious, but no clear indicator of alteration is apparent.

It seems Britney is always going to be scrutinized. When she’s heavier, she’s criticized, when she may have lost weight, she can’t seem to please either. It’s just one of the issues a pop icon has to endure for her fame.

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