Isaac “Chism” Cornelison is Biggest Loser 13’s Youngest Contestant at Age 19

By Dani M. Stone

Isaac “Chism” Cornelison from Magnolia, Texas knows a thing or two about fighting to be well. At the age of 10, Chism was involved in a bad accident, breaking his ankle and injuring the growth plate in his leg. Over the next five years he would undergo seven surgeries to correct this problem with much time spent on crutches and in wheelchairs. At 19, Chism now weighs 361 pounds. This college freshman joins his father Mark Cornelison, a youth pastor, as the “grey team” on Biggest Loser 13. This season, Chism dons the title of youngest contestant.

During the time Chism was recovering from one surgery and waiting for the next, well-intentioned family members waited on him and even brought him delicious treats to cheer him up. Food for the soul, maybe, but not for the body. He admits that when the time came for him to be released from further surgeries, he had gotten so used to his sedentary lifestyle that nothing motivated him to move. A few times he and his father worked together to lose a few pounds for a specific goal such as a family vacation, but then once the “occasion” to lose weight was over, they both went back to old habits.

Currently, Chism is interested in a career in film production and screen writing. He enjoys the theater and performing arts but now realizes his weight is affecting the type of roles he’s being offered. He hopes the weight loss will help him not only with his current hobby of acting but also with his career path.

Now that he is finally able to be physically active, not limited by pain and multiple surgeries, Chism realizes what a gift he’s been given. He’s excited to become more physically fit so he can join his friends in doing things that typical 20-somethings do, including playing sports. He’s also a bit of a daredevil, vowing to take up sky diving and rock climbing when he’s achieved his fitness goals.

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