J-WOWW Promotes New Diet Pill Abdominal Cuts

J-WOWW diet pillsThis summer Jersey Shore’s J-WOWW was hawking the pregnancy hormone hCG for weight loss purposes, but it’s looks like’s she switched to another questionable supplement. The reality star was in New York yesterday to promote the launch of Abdominal Cuts Natural Supplement at GNC.

According to Abdominal Cut’s website, the supplement helped Jenni “J-WOWW” Farley lose 20 pounds, of course in combination with portion control and working out five days per week. “I eat junk food, cheesecake, cheese, pizza, but just lower amounts of it,” she was quoted saying at the GNC event. She also reported works out with her boyfriend.

Abdominal Cuts claims to target “stubborn” fat cells around the stomach, butt and hips. It uses a “naturally occurring” oils that assist the body reduce fat. It also claims to improve your metabolism, improve antioxidant supplies and reduce inflammation. We’re a little suspicious of all diet drugs, but at least these pills seem less unhealthy than hCG.

Other celebs touting the drug include Kendra Wilkinson and Aubrey O’Day.

Via FitPerez.

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