Janet Jackson Battling Weight Gain

Janet Jackson Battling Weight Gain Issues

Janet Jackson Battling Weight Gain Issues

As has been reported several times since summer, Janet Jackson is still battling weight gain. Just this week she was seen in London wearing overly baggy clothes. This fall, she reportedly had to cancel a number of shows due to the inability control her weight. Read more over at the hollywoodgrind.com

On a related note: The last time Janet Jackson was written up here, the diet column, she was to be publishing her own weight loss book. The book is to explore her journey with her weight struggles and as she notes “really coming from the soul with it.”

7 Responses to Janet Jackson Battling Weight Gain

Sophia says:

I don’t really care!

TC says:

I feel for Janet. The hardest part about weight loss is keeping it off.

With a little help from God, Janet can do it.

Kiona says:

I could care less about her inability to stop stuffing her face! But what I really care about is the money I lost out on when I bought tickets to see her perform in concert. That show was such a disappointment and waste of my time and money.

HOLLOY says:

Janet is still Janet no matter her size, she will alway be the best peformer ever in my sight. You go girl, besides It doesn’t matter what cruel people say about you just know that God is never disappointed in you and that is ALLthat matter. Praise Ye the Lord.

HOLLOY says:

oops, Janet please excuse all the perfect people in the world; you and I will just take a seat, ok girlfriend. Holla…

GodsBelovedDaughter says:

Janet has more important issues at hand than her weight. She needs to get right with God. God is Gracious but we must still do our best to obey and believe in His Word (the Bible- it hasnt been changed) she doesnt, thus makes herself an enemy of God. Im born again and I know what Im talking about. The weight loss can come later for her right now she needs Jesus and Ive seen others say the same about her. She is in a mess and NEEDS Jesus. First sort out the inside then the outside. In Jesus name, amen and amen!

patrick creamer says:

janet jackson is a being human same for everybody…so just leave her alone and respect her wishes….let god take care of her that mostly i know her heart feel the important…..god….u guys hear me…..she is beautiful and natural….dont be jealous cuz she have so much this life and she can do anything..it is freedom not something judgement….or rejection that make no sense at all..leave her alone if u guys dont understand what she had been through with situation…u guys do the problem situations!!! thanks….otherwise..i love her!!

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