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Janet Jackson Flaunts Slim Figure at Milan Fashion Week

Janet Jackson attended Milan Fashion Week in Italy this week looking as slim as ever, proving that she knows how to lose the weight and keep it off.

Jackson, 46, made headlines last year for her dramatic 60-plus pound weight loss as an official Nutrisystem spokesperson.

Jackson lost the weight on Nutrisystem Success, which is the meal delivery program’s extension specifically designed to help members transition back into their everyday routine once losing the weight. It also holds more emphasis on daily exercise.

During her time with Nutrisytem, Jackson revealed what always stood between her and any successful weight loss attempts. “Dieting never worked for me, counting calories never worked for me, and denying myself the foods I love never worked for me,” she said. “I needed a better plan, and I found it with Nutrisystem.” (more…)

8 Biggest Celebrity Diet and Weight Loss Stories of 2024

This year brought us no shortage of celebrity news. Once we’ve learned who is in and out of love with who, our curiosity shifts to asking about their diet and how they get those Hollywood figures. There was plenty of juicy diet news to follow in 2024, so we’ve gathered the biggest celebrity weight loss stories of the past year.

Jennifer Lawrence for Hunger Games

Jennifer Lawrence wowed many with her portrayal of Katniss in this summer’s blockbuster flick, The Hunger Games. What also caught our eye was the actress’s stunning figure. Lawrence told reporters that she doesn’t diet, instead she stays active. Her routine that prepared her for the role of Katniss involved running and archery training with an Olympian. Lawrence even admitted that she’d be OK with looking chubby on screen if it meant she was healthy. The young star has great perspective and a healthy future in front of her.

Chaka Khan Dropped 60 Pounds

Legendary singer and performer Chaka Kahn showed off her new curves this year after dropping 60 pounds. The singer was able to drop the weight and even treat her diabetes and high blood pressure issues with the healthier weight and lifestyle. After years of substance abuse the superstar has shined once more.

Snooki’s Post-Baby Weight Loss Plans

Jersey Shore’s Snooki was all over the news this year. As the reality TV star announced her pregnancy, the world immediately began to worry that her weight issues and eating disorders would become a problem. Snooki gave birth to a healthy son and began losing weight naturally with breastfeeding. As a spokesperson for Zantrex, a weight loss supplement that ranked #18 on our 2024 Most Popular Diets list, Snooki expressed her desire to use the pill after the baby was weaned. (more…)

Two Dozen New Nutrisystem Menu Items Offer More Selection in the New Year

Sometimes dieting involves eating the same boring food over and over again. But that’s not how it should be. Eating boring, tasteless food is not in association with Nutrisystem. The brand added two dozen new and improved dishes to their menu just in time for the new year, a move that comes a month after Nutrisytem announced their first female CEO, Dawn Zier.

Nutrisystem already has hundreds of different kinds of food on their menu, but adding more variety will satisfy new and older customers. Like all of Nutrisystem’s menu choices the new items are designed to help curb hunger and cravings.

Meghan Nichols, a registered dietitian and member of Nutrisystem’s Research and Development team, commented on the new menu, saying, “We are focused on three components when it comes to our menu – quality nutrition, great tastes and variety. Delivering all three increases our customers’ odds of successfully losing weight by helping them eat healthy, fight cravings and manage hunger while still eating the foods they enjoy – just healthier versions of those foods in the right amount.”

So what does that food look like? New options are available for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and desserts/snacks and cover a variety of tastes. (more…)

Janet Jackson Successfully Loses Weight on Nutrisystem Success

The ads are out as proof that Janet Jackson, who has long since struggled with her weight, is successfully shedding the pounds on Nutrisystem Success – the popular meal delivery program’s newest extension.

After becoming the company’s celebrity spokesperson back in December, Jackson admitted she’d tried different diets before but never had success with them. “Dieting never worked for me, counting calories never worked for me, and denying myself the foods I love never worked for me,” said Jackson. “I needed a better plan, and I found it with Nutrisystem.” Jackson also opened up about her struggle with maintaining a healthy weight in her book True You: A Journey to Finding and Loving Yourself, which topped the New York Times Bestseller list when it was released in early 2024.

Weighing around 180 pounds at her heaviest in 2006, suspicions began to rise once again that Jackson was starting to put back on the pounds after her brother, Michael’s, sudden and unexpected death in 2024. But based on Janet’s trim new figure in the latest ads for Nutrisystem, she’s looking better than ever. Some have even speculated that she’s successfully lost up to 50 pounds following the program. (more…)

Janet Jackson is Nutrisystem Success’ New Celebrity Spokesperson

Nutrisystem Celebrity SpokespersonLast night, meal delivery diet Nutrisystem launched their new program, Nutrisystem Success, with the announcement that Janet Jackson will be their celebrity spokesperson. Jackson has recently opened up about her weight struggles, and has admitted to trying fad diets in the past. She dives into the subject in her book True You: A Journey to Finding and Loving Yourself, which topped The New York Times bestseller list.

“Dieting never worked for me, counting calories never worked for me, and denying myself the foods I love never worked for me. I needed a better plan, and I found it with Nutrisystem,” said Jackson. “With Nutrisystem I am seeing results already, and I am so impressed by both the thought and the nutritional science behind the program. There are millions of women like me who want to be successful but don’t have the tools to do it on their own.  I hope I can help inspire them.”

The campaign’s slogan is “Get On It,” and Nutrisystem says a series of documentary-style commercials will feature Jackson answering questions about weight loss.


Janet Jackson on Body Image and Extreme Dieting

Janet Jackson appeared on CNN’S Piers Morgan this Tuesday. She spoke candidly about her personal struggles with body image and the dangerous diets that celebrities fall victim to. The interview and her new book, True You, are said to provide genuine insight into the real Janet Jackson.

Janet admitted to having deeply-rooted self esteem issues. Her brothers teased her a lot as a child and being in the spotlight at such a young age made it difficult to accept herself. As a preteen, only 11 or 12, she was told she needed to diet and lose weight. She is pained by the drastic measures that some celebrities go to stay thin and is afraid that it effects the self esteem of young fans.


Janet Jackson Hates Working Out

Janet JacksonActress and singer Janet Jackson recently discussed her healthy habits in an interview with Health magazine. Jackson confesses that she hates working out, but loves her personal trainer. “He knows I love sports and games, so that’s how he gets me. We’ll do obstacle courses. He said recently, “You’ve got to lift.” But right now, I just want to run and do ab work. So I’ll run for maybe an hour.” To make her workout more bearable, she also listens to music or watches movies while on the treadmill.

Once a vegan, Jackson has decided to make some modifications to her diet. “My trainer is constantly in my ear about not getting enough protein, so I started eating fish,” she said. “When we were growing up, all of us kids were vegetarians. No one had asked me to stop eating meat—I just noticed everyone else around me had stopped, so I followed the crew.”


Tune In: Janet Jackson on Tyra

tyra banks and janet jacksonTune in to Tyra on Tuesday this week to get an exclusive look behind-the-scenes at Janet Jackson‘s tour. Janet’s revealing more to Tyra than the typically guarded star has in the past. The buzz is that she shares something she’s never shared with anyone. No word yet on whether the singer discusses her recent weight gain.

Later in the week on Thursday, Tyra takes viewers across the country to reveal hidden beauty secrets of regular women.

Janet Jackson Battling Weight Gain

Janet Jackson Battling Weight Gain Issues

Janet Jackson Battling Weight Gain Issues

As has been reported several times since summer, Janet Jackson is still battling weight gain. Just this week she was seen in London wearing overly baggy clothes. This fall, she reportedly had to cancel a number of shows due to the inability control her weight. Read more over at the hollywoodgrind.com

On a related note: The last time Janet Jackson was written up here, the diet column, she was to be publishing her own weight loss book. The book is to explore her journey with her weight struggles and as she notes “really coming from the soul with it.”

Janet Jackson – Weight loss book?

What was once the Rhythm Nation could soon be the Weight Loss Nation. Janet Jackson, one of music’s biggest influencers, has announced she’s putting ink to paper to share her personal struggle with weight gain and loss. The book is currently in progress and has not yet been given a title, but Miss Jackson says she’s “really coming from the soul with it.”

She expresses that the journey can be different for everyone, and she’s merely sharing her own. During the past year the singer/actress lost an impressive 60 pounds, she says by eating less and exercising more.

Like many other celebrities who’ve publically struggled with their weight, including Oprah and Mariah Carey, Janet plans to share her experiences with her adoring public.

(Please visit again later for further updates on Janet Jackson’s upcoming book.)