Janet Jackson on Body Image and Extreme Dieting

Janet Jackson appeared on CNN’S Piers Morgan this Tuesday. She spoke candidly about her personal struggles with body image and the dangerous diets that celebrities fall victim to. The interview and her new book, True You, are said to provide genuine insight into the real Janet Jackson.

Janet admitted to having deeply-rooted self esteem issues. Her brothers teased her a lot as a child and being in the spotlight at such a young age made it difficult to accept herself. As a preteen, only 11 or 12, she was told she needed to diet and lose weight. She is pained by the drastic measures that some celebrities go to stay thin and is afraid that it effects the self esteem of young fans.

As an emotional eater, she understands the struggle that some people have with food. In despair, she shared that some women even resort to eating Kleenex to fill themselves up so that they won’t overeat. She was too classy to name names and admittedly, she didn’t hear this rumor first-hand. However, that doesn’t make it hard to believe. Dangerous diets abound including the hCG diet and the tapeworm diet.

It’s important to deal with body image and emotional eating properly. It’s no secret that fitness remains at the top of the list for how to lead a healthy life, but that doesn’t mean that you have to be skinny to be attractive. Physical fitness is not about conforming your body to a preconceived idea of beauty, it’s about nurturing your body to its optimum health.

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