8 Biggest Celebrity Diet and Weight Loss Stories of 2024

This year brought us no shortage of celebrity news. Once we’ve learned who is in and out of love with who, our curiosity shifts to asking about their diet and how they get those Hollywood figures. There was plenty of juicy diet news to follow in 2024, so we’ve gathered the biggest celebrity weight loss stories of the past year.

Jennifer Lawrence for Hunger Games

Jennifer Lawrence wowed many with her portrayal of Katniss in this summer’s blockbuster flick, The Hunger Games. What also caught our eye was the actress’s stunning figure. Lawrence told reporters that she doesn’t diet, instead she stays active. Her routine that prepared her for the role of Katniss involved running and archery training with an Olympian. Lawrence even admitted that she’d be OK with looking chubby on screen if it meant she was healthy. The young star has great perspective and a healthy future in front of her.

Chaka Khan Dropped 60 Pounds

Legendary singer and performer Chaka Kahn showed off her new curves this year after dropping 60 pounds. The singer was able to drop the weight and even treat her diabetes and high blood pressure issues with the healthier weight and lifestyle. After years of substance abuse the superstar has shined once more.

Snooki’s Post-Baby Weight Loss Plans

Jersey Shore’s Snooki was all over the news this year. As the reality TV star announced her pregnancy, the world immediately began to worry that her weight issues and eating disorders would become a problem. Snooki gave birth to a healthy son and began losing weight naturally with breastfeeding. As a spokesperson for Zantrex, a weight loss supplement that ranked #18 on our 2024 Most Popular Diets list, Snooki expressed her desire to use the pill after the baby was weaned.

Janet Jackson Loses with Nutrisystem

Janet Jackson took off an estimated 50 pounds with Nutrisystem this year. The singer trimmed down considerably using the brand’s Success Program. She admits that having to count calories or deprive herself never worked for her and the Nutrisystem plan didn’t require that. Jackson was able to eat her favorite foods while she learned how to maintain her diet without being a slave to the scale.

Kate Upton’s Swimsuit Body

Kate Upton landed her first Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition cover this year. The young model got in shape with the help of trainer Justin Gelband, who put Upton through his program called ModelFit. Her program consisted of circuit training workouts that may have looked more like an obstacle course than gym equipment. The model was bikini ready after just a few months of Gelband’s program.

Jessica Simpson Loses with Weight Watchers

Jessica Simpson was once in the headlines for her singing, reality show, and even clothing line. However, 2024’s news about Simpson only seemed to cover her weight. The celebrity gained nearly 60 pounds during her first pregnancy by eating lots of comfort foods. She was offered a $3 million contract with Weight Watchers after her daughter, Maxwell, was born in May. Simpson lost the weight by the fall of 2024 only to announce she’s pregnant once more. What a year she’s had.

Kelly Osbourne Drops 60 Pounds

Kelly Osbourne was once only newsworthy for being the wild daughter of rocker Ozzy Osbourne. This year she made new headlines by showing off her shrinking waistline. Osbourne took off 60 pounds this year by exercising and eating right. While she occasionally indulges in pizza or cake, most days are filled with activity. Osbourne will grace the cover of UK’s Cosmopolitan Body in her bikini and now-famous lavender hair.

Anne Hathaway Went Nearly Vegan for Catwoman

Anne Hathaway trimmed down for several roles this year. However, her striking figure as Catwoman in The Dark Knight seemed to turn the most heads. Hathaway followed a (mostly) meatless diet that was designed for her by weight loss expert Jackie Keller. The diet was an anti-inflammatory diet that consisted of three meals, three snacks, and only salad. Hathaway was consuming about 1,500-1,800 calories a day and getting most of her protein from high protein grains. Her weight tops headlines as we roll in to 2024 for her dangerously thin appearance in the feature film Les Miserables. The actress refuses to discuss how she lost the weight to protect curious fans.

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