Janet Jackson Successfully Loses Weight on Nutrisystem Success

The ads are out as proof that Janet Jackson, who has long since struggled with her weight, is successfully shedding the pounds on Nutrisystem Success – the popular meal delivery program’s newest extension.

After becoming the company’s celebrity spokesperson back in December, Jackson admitted she’d tried different diets before but never had success with them. “Dieting never worked for me, counting calories never worked for me, and denying myself the foods I love never worked for me,” said Jackson. “I needed a better plan, and I found it with Nutrisystem.” Jackson also opened up about her struggle with maintaining a healthy weight in her book True You: A Journey to Finding and Loving Yourself, which topped the New York Times Bestseller list when it was released in early 2024.

Weighing around 180 pounds at her heaviest in 2006, suspicions began to rise once again that Jackson was starting to put back on the pounds after her brother, Michael’s, sudden and unexpected death in 2024. But based on Janet’s trim new figure in the latest ads for Nutrisystem, she’s looking better than ever. Some have even speculated that she’s successfully lost up to 50 pounds following the program.

After reaching out to Nutrisystem for confirmation on the number, one of their spokespeople, Tricia Primrose, said it isn’t about the figure for Janet. “Janet Jackson isn’t putting a number on her weight loss,” said Primrose; “it’s not how she has approached getting back in shape with Nutrisystem.”

In her latest ad, Janet speaks to the many benefits of the Nutrisystem Success program, a few of her favorites being that she doesn’t have to count calories, deprive herself of the foods she loves, or step on the scale, which we at Diets in Review find to be a completely healthy approach to weight loss.


The Nutrisystem Success program features support for people transitioning from the weight loss phase of the diet to a maintenance plan, a new exercise plan, re-formulated meal-replacement shakes, and new “Chef’s Table” entree options. Janet joins the ranks of several other celebrities who have successfully lost weight using Nutrisystem, including Terry Bradshaw, Dan Marino and Marie Osmond.

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