Jillian Michaels’ Team Down to Two in Biggest Loser 14 Premiere

I was sitting in the auditorium and my heart was pounding. I had no idea whether or not I would be chosen, but when Alison Sweeney called my name I was overjoyed. I instantly felt a bond with everyone else on the stage with me; we were all determined to start this journey.

All along I wanted Jillian Michaels as a trainer when I heard she would be back. She really seems to break down contestant walls and I was hoping she could do that for me. However, when we went to our first workout, I was not prepared at all! I thought we were going to ease into it at first, but without warning we were thrown into the most intense workout of our lives. I really thought this was supposed to be about our team, and it made me angry every time another team member quit or got kicked out of the gym that first day.

I think it is easy to see that I was having a hard time with Jillian in these first two episodes. I felt like she wasn’t being uplifting to my team or me. When I was finally able to confront her about it, it really changed our relationship. For the first time I was standing up for what I believed in and she respected that.

The White Team was successful in winning the first two challenges on the ranch! We were most proud to win the NFL Play 60 challenge with Antonio Gates for Sunny because she is such an inspiration. I just know she will be the president one day. However, after those wins Jillian warned us there is a challenge curse. She said the teams that win tend to lose the weigh-ins. That made me nervous!

I couldn’t believe the first weigh-in. I lost 19 pounds! The second week I only lost 4 pounds, which was a bit of a let down. However, I had gone from 258 pounds to 234 pounds in just two weeks! That is something to be proud of.

We faced red lines both weeks, which meant no matter what, someone was going home based off of their weight loss. I honestly prefer red lines because I don’t have to vote and send someone home. I don’t want to be responsible for ending someone’s journey here. It was hard to face the facts that both weeks our team lost and we were left with only two members on our team. This didn’t make sense; we were Jillian’s team. She should have had the strongest team, not us. Going forward it’s just myself, Pam, and Jillian.

I was sad to lose TC and Nathan, but I am so proud of their journeys at home. I know being on the ranch is difficult, but the real challenge is being at home with your every day life getting in the way.

The biggest thing I have learned thus far is to start small. When you set little goals for yourself, you can only go up from there!

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