Kate Middleton’s Wedding Workout

The engagement that we’ve all been waiting for has come to pass – Prince William and Kate Middleton are slated to be married this spring. The eyes of the world have never been on Kate more than now, and it will only increase as the wedding comes closer. Women the world over have been under the same scrutiny, albeit in a less intensive light, and know too well the pressure to be a bride in top physical condition. Kate has always been in good physical condition, although she was seen to drop quite a bit of weight when her relationship with Prince William came into the public eye, quite possibly due to the harassment of the media. While in college, she was the captain of the hockey team. She loves to ski and goes skiing with Prince William several times a year.

Kate has a healthy relationship with the gym, working out several times a week for at least an hour a day. She enjoys cycling and yoga, and often cycles to the gym. She developed a love for rowing while training for a charity race.

Kate has always followed a healthy diet, not following any one particular method of eating. It’s been said in the past that she uses the Dukan Diet, although she’s denied it. Instead, she fuels her body with healthy low GI carbohydrates, lean proteins and healthy fats, and exercises hard to keep her calories in line. She’s been photographed in a bikini, proving that she has a healthy relationship with food and an active lifestyle.

It will be interesting to follow her in the next few months to see if she changes her habits in order to fit into a wedding dress, but as she looks now, she is definitely in top physical condition already.

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