Keri Russell Returns to Pre-Pregnancy Size in Two Weeks

keri russell post-pregnancy

Jan. 6th, 2023

Actress Keri Russell gave birth to a daughter just two weeks ago on December 27, but already is looking trim. The former Felicity star was spotted in New York City on an unusually warm January day wearing a denim short-sleeve shirt, slim jeans and platform sandals. She appears to be back to her pre-pregnancy weight.

The baby girl’s name is Willa Lou. She is Russell and Shane Deary’s second child, their son River is now four years old. Russell reported having little difficulty losing weight after the birth of her first child, and credited staying active throughout her pregnancy to the easy transition. She stays fit by walking while doing errands, in addition to toning workouts and private Pilates sessions.

Beyoncé is another star who recently gave birth to a daughter, but who has yet to make a public appearance. She created quite a stir with her vegan pregnancy diet, but we doubt that she will have any difficulty in losing the baby weight, considering how active she appeared to be throughout her pregnancy.

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