Kimkins Creator Launches New Diet in Face of Fraud Charges and Bankruptcy

Heidi Diaz - creator of the Kimkins Diet

Heidi Diaz - creator of the Kimkins Diet

UPDATE: October 29th, 2022, Judge Rick Brown found Kimkins Diet founder Heidi Diaz guilty of fraud and false advertising.

Diet drama: This is what soap opera’s are created for. A few weeks ago, Kimkins diet creator Heidi Diaz, who made millions from her scam diet, which was awarded the “Worst Diet product of 2022,” medal was charged with a class action lawsuit in California. Former Kimkins dieters are claiming that this very low calorie and low-carb diet caused them serious health problems and advocated for regular laxative use, which caused their health to deteriorate further. Lifetime membership for the Kimkins Diet costs $79.95.

Diaz has claimed that her Kimkins Diet helped her to lose 200 pounds and keep it off, but recent pictures show that she either has not been able to maintain her weight loss or never lost weight at all.

In an effort to stall legal action, she then filed for bankruptcy just two days before the lawsuit was brought against her. But Karma has a way of showing up in just the right time: the judge presiding over the case never received the bankruptcy papers and moved forward with the legal proceedings, therefore, anyone who has been harmed physically or financially from the Kimkins Diet can seek damages by joining this lawsuit that is now underway.

All of this legal action hasn’t stopped Diaz. It looks like she has launched yet another diet scam – a new diet called Simple Choices. The diet bears an eerily similar resemblance to her low-carb, low-cal Kimkins Diet, but instead charges a monthly membership fee of $19.95.

Here is the complete review of the Simple Choices diet plan.

Perhaps this is just another reminder that as idyllic as you are about your weight loss goals, be suspect of any diet that sounds too idyllic to be true. It probably is.

3 Responses to Kimkins Creator Launches New Diet in Face of Fraud Charges and Bankruptcy

OhYeahBabe says:

Amazing, isn’t it?

I think you might have the price wrong. The last time I looked at it, it was $19.95 per month, not lifetime. Has that changed?

OhYeahBabe says:

Oops – your Kimkins price is incorrect, too. It is $79.95. The price increased a long time ago.

heather says:

Correction: The price for the Simple Choices program is $19.95 per month, not a lifetime membership. Kimkins though has increased their fee to an $79.95 annual membership unless you become an affiliate member and then the fee drops to $60 or less, depending upon how aggressive your affiliate program is.

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