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Controversial Kimkins Diet Founder Starts New Diet Site

On the heels of a guilty verdict against the controversial Kimkins Diet founder Heidi Diaz, it’s come to our attention that being investigated for fraud apparently doesn’t get in the way of one’s entrepreneurial spirit.

It appears that the website www.mealperfect.com has been registered by a “Heidi Diaz” and that the site is being hosted on the kimkins.com server. It doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes or Bob Woodward to surmise that, hey, Ms. Diaz is not shying away from what got her in trouble.

What exactly is mealperfect.com? According to Who.is, the website was created in December, 2023. So, in “Internet years,” it’s still a baby- and it shows. Content is fairly thin, particularly in the Success Stories department, where there are a grand total of zero examples of success. This is of particular interest to those of us who have watched the Kimkins drama unfold, since that website was found guilty of falsifying diet success stories. (more…)

Kimkins Diet Founder Guilty of Fraud, False Advertising

After several years of battling in court, a judge has rendered a decision in the class action lawsuit against the controversial Kimkins Diet. On Friday, Judge Rick Brown of the Riverside County Superior Court entered a verdict for the plaintiffs in the certified national class action lawsuit. She was found guilty of fraud and false advertising.

The court awarded the class members restitution in the sum of $1,824,210.39. The court also awarded an additional $500,000 in punitive damages and attorney fees, and issued a temporary restraining order to freeze all of Ms. Diaz’s assets. (more…)

Kimkins Diet Class Action Lawsuit Filed

UPDATE: October 29th, 2023, Judge Rick Brown found Kimkins Diet founder Heidi Diaz guilty of fraud and false advertising.

DietsInReview has spotlighted the plight of the Kimkins diet program and its customers over the last few years. A number of Kimkins customers have complained that the company has defrauded them, and made them very sick in the process.kimkins lawsuit

The company has steadfastly denied these claims, including a rebuttal published on this website by the former Kimkins PR director. Nonetheless, Kimkins has been investigated for fraud after many customers became seriously ill. And it’s no wonder why. The diet calls for a dangerously low-caloric intake – as low as 500 on a daily basis – and endorses the use of laxatives in place of fiber.

Side effects that have been reported by Kimkins followers include nausea, hair loss, fainting, heart palpitations, fatigue, bone and/or joint pain, and constipation. (more…)

Kimkins Creator Launches New Diet in Face of Fraud Charges and Bankruptcy

Heidi Diaz - creator of the Kimkins Diet

Heidi Diaz - creator of the Kimkins Diet

UPDATE: October 29th, 2023, Judge Rick Brown found Kimkins Diet founder Heidi Diaz guilty of fraud and false advertising.

Diet drama: This is what soap opera’s are created for. A few weeks ago, Kimkins diet creator Heidi Diaz, who made millions from her scam diet, which was awarded the “Worst Diet product of 2023,” medal was charged with a class action lawsuit in California. Former Kimkins dieters are claiming that this very low calorie and low-carb diet caused them serious health problems and advocated for regular laxative use, which caused their health to deteriorate further. Lifetime membership for the Kimkins Diet costs $79.95.

Diaz has claimed that her Kimkins Diet helped her to lose 200 pounds and keep it off, but recent pictures show that she either has not been able to maintain her weight loss or never lost weight at all. (more…)

Direct from Kimkins – Rebuttal

UPDATE: October 29th, 2023, Judge Rick Brown found Kimkins Diet founder Heidi Diaz guilty of fraud and false advertising.

UPDATE 11/09: Kimkins Diet Class Action Lawsuit Filed

Diets in review has received a rebuttal to our review from Jeannie Baitinger – Kimkins PR Director.

Dear Jim,

Thank you for giving Kimkins.com the opportunity to present our side of the story.

First please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jeannie Baitinger and on the website I am known as Tippy Toes. I am employed by Kimkins.com as PR Director and as management.

We know we are under attack from various sources. But many of these sources are coming from people who have only heard about our diets and have not actually tried them. The effect has been much like a snowball effect of people who genuinely mean well but are not actual members. Much is based on hear say and negative publicity.

Moreover, we offer no calorie limits on any plan. There are no 500 calorie per day plans. No plan is 100% fat free. We do allow the individual to use common sense when adding healthy fats and we term this as “just enough fat to make it work”. We do not promote starvation of any kind and we never will. We encourage members to stick within the plan guidelines and further, we encourage them to add extra protein and possibly extra salads if they are still hungry or not feeling well.


Kimkins is a fraud

UPDATE: October 29th, 2023, Judge Rick Brown found Kimkins Diet founder Heidi Diaz guilty of fraud and false advertising.

DietsInReview.com does not recommend the Kimkins diet program. Kimkins has completely misrepresented itself and the information it presents to customers, and in doing so, has endangered the lives of many of those people.

Kimkins broke into the diet scene in 2000 selling itself as the one sure thing to end your dieting chaos. She said she had been an obese 300 pounds and like so many others, struggled to find a diet that worked for her. So she created her own solution- a low-carb/low-calorie diet that she says works incredibly fast. Not only would Kimkins help you lose weight quickly (198 pounds in one year in her case), but the plan would set you up for success for life. Kimkins also excitedly promotes that you won’t have to do a single stretch, sprint or sit-up as exercise isn’t necessary to achieve these amazing results.

Unfortunately, none of it is true. Kimkins is being investigated for fraud after many customers became seriously ill. Kimkins is an excruciatingly low-calorie diet and none of the information presented as fact as any medical or scientific support. Kimmer herself does not have a nutritional background and her advice is strictly from what appears to be fake experiences.

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