Controversial Kimkins Diet Founder Starts New Diet Site

On the heels of a guilty verdict against the controversial Kimkins Diet founder Heidi Diaz, it’s come to our attention that being investigated for fraud apparently doesn’t get in the way of one’s entrepreneurial spirit.

It appears that the website has been registered by a “Heidi Diaz” and that the site is being hosted on the server. It doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes or Bob Woodward to surmise that, hey, Ms. Diaz is not shying away from what got her in trouble.

What exactly is According to, the website was created in December, 2022. So, in “Internet years,” it’s still a baby- and it shows. Content is fairly thin, particularly in the Success Stories department, where there are a grand total of zero examples of success. This is of particular interest to those of us who have watched the Kimkins drama unfold, since that website was found guilty of falsifying diet success stories.

Under the “How it Works” section, there is simply this:

“Meal Perfect offers four different diets, plus free personal online diet coaching. See the Meal Perfect Diet Plans here, and choose the one that best fits your weight loss goals and lifestyle.”

The plans are as follows:

Perfect Portions – “Learn portion control while eating your favorite foods!”

Fat Blaster – “Quick weight loss plus natural appetite suppression make this powerful low carb choice perfect for anyone wanting fast diet results.”

Healthy Bites – “Learn portion control while eating your favorite foods! You can lose while eating in restaurants, on vacation, and even occasional convenience foods from your local grocery store!”

Bariatric Pro – “If you regained after Lap-Band or weight loss surgery, we can get you back on track with natural appetite suppression. We understand special restrictions for bariatric patients including mini meals, nutrition and pouch limits.”

Not only is the website not finished – with whole sections missing content and buttons that do not function – the information that is on the site is not fully realized. Sure, there are sample recipes, but the diet plan explanations are vague at best. While the website is probably a work in progress, given who is behind, we wouldn’t recommend it anyway. Proceed with caution.

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