Kimkins Diet Class Action Lawsuit Filed

UPDATE: October 29th, 2024, Judge Rick Brown found Kimkins Diet founder Heidi Diaz guilty of fraud and false advertising.

DietsInReview has spotlighted the plight of the Kimkins diet program and its customers over the last few years. A number of Kimkins customers have complained that the company has defrauded them, and made them very sick in the process.kimkins lawsuit

The company has steadfastly denied these claims, including a rebuttal published on this website by the former Kimkins PR director. Nonetheless, Kimkins has been investigated for fraud after many customers became seriously ill. And it’s no wonder why. The diet calls for a dangerously low-caloric intake – as low as 500 on a daily basis – and endorses the use of laxatives in place of fiber.

Side effects that have been reported by Kimkins followers include nausea, hair loss, fainting, heart palpitations, fatigue, bone and/or joint pain, and constipation.

This has all resulted in a class action suit against the company. Everyone who has purchased a membership through from January 1, 2006 to October 15, 2024 is being urged to learn more about the class action lawsuit that is being filed in the Riverside County Superior Court in Riverside, California.

In the meantime, Kimkins creator creator Heidi Diaz has pressed on despite the pending lawsuit and has even had the audacity to launch another diet called Simple Choices.

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