Kimkins Diet Founder Guilty of Fraud, False Advertising

After several years of battling in court, a judge has rendered a decision in the class action lawsuit against the controversial Kimkins Diet. On Friday, Judge Rick Brown of the Riverside County Superior Court entered a verdict for the plaintiffs in the certified national class action lawsuit. She was found guilty of fraud and false advertising.

The court awarded the class members restitution in the sum of $1,824,210.39. The court also awarded an additional $500,000 in punitive damages and attorney fees, and issued a temporary restraining order to freeze all of Ms. Diaz’s assets.

The court also imposed an injunction that requires Diaz to post the following on all of her websites:

– She lied about her weight loss
– She lied about her “after” diet pictures
– She lied about testimonials on her website
– She lied about the photographs used with the testimonials to promote the Kimkins website.

To those unfamiliar with the case or the diet company, the Kimkins Diet, run by Heidi Diaz of Corona California, advocated a low-carb and low-calorie diet. Diaz is not a certified health care professional, which in and of itself is not controversial. But being accused of falsifying photography to represent herself and members of her company’s website is what did her in.

The following undercover video shows that Ms. Diaz was not the thin woman in the red dress as advertised on her site. It was revealed that the photo in question was taken from a Russian bride website.

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