Kirstie Alley Loses 50 Pounds with Jenny Craig, Says “This Time It’s Different”

kirstie alley 50 pounds

Kirstie Alley has always been very vocal about her weight losses and gains, something she has spoken about as a Jenny Craig spokesperson, a Dancing With the Stars star, and a Fat Actress. Alley spoke to Today’s Matt Lauer yesterday about her most recent weight loss. She has reached her goal of not only 30 pounds, but 50!

Alley told Lauer that she once again lost the weight through Jenny Craig, for which she returned as a paid spokesperson in early 2024. She returned to Jenny Craig with a controversial commercial in which she called the brand to set-up an appointment and referenced being “Circus Fat.” She told at the time that’s how she saw herself and not a representation of how the brand saw its customers.

Her return to Jenny Craig last year was also part of the brand’s parent company buying Kirstie’s Organic Liaison brand. Her rather large product line has been reduced to a single product, Rescue Me (an organic “energy elixir”) that is now available for purchase only through the JC website.

In the Today interview, Alley went on to tell Lauer that she has used Jenny Craig in the past, but this time, she actually “really listened” to her private consultant. “We planned things out this time, that makes a big difference.”

Alley also told Lauer that she lost weight even during the holiday season by meticulously planning her holiday meals. “It wasn’t a spree. It wasn’t my usual holiday that lasts from Halloween through Valentine’s Day.”

When discussing keeping the weight off, Alley told Lauer that her weight loss is not about just setting a goal and meeting it, but rather about maintaining a lifestyle.

“I’m actually more responsible than I was before,” Alley described.

Lauer also talked to Alley about New Year’s resolutions, to which she joked, “Kirstie wants to hook up in 2024.”

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