Kirstie Alley Prioritizes Energy Over Weight as the Measure of a Healthy Lifestyle

Kirstie Alley approached the new year like a lot of us, by making resolutions. But unlike most who just whisper them in to the abyss of new year’s night, Kirstie puts pen to paper.

“I always sit down with a little notebook and I make many resolutions,” she said. She won’t name them because of superstition, but makes them regarding every aspect of her life. She lives by them for the year, but more than resolutions, Kirstie says, “I map out a game plan for everything I do.”

I recently sat down with Kirstie in her luxuriously comfortable home in the heart of one of the oldest neighborhoods in Wichita, Kansas; her home away from LA. We spent just over an hour casually talking about childhood obesity, her healthy lifestyle, chemicals in our foods, and of course her company Organic Liaison. To answer the question on most people’s minds – yes, she looked fantastic!

“I’m not skinny minnie, I look good if I’m wearing stretchy sixes or a genuine size six (which 20 years ago would have been a genuine size 8),” she told me.

She celebrated her 62nd birthday last week during a special appearance on Entertainment Tonight looking younger and better than ever. Of course, I had to ask, how does she do it, because it wasn’t just the cameras!

“I’m really happy, and that’s sort of the biggest key,” she said. Kirstie noted that she’s not a drinker, she thinks alcohol can really age a person, and that she’s always taken really good care of her skin, having stopped being a “total sun worshipper” at 25.

Now she worships energy and organic eating, and there’s no doubt that’s playing a role in slowing the aging process for her.

“What I’ve discovered is energy is the most important thing to me. I want to have a lot of energy and be very strong and be able to do anything I want to do. That makes me happier. I need to be at a certain weight to do that and I need to be on the lean side.”

Kirstie notes that she really only started eating healthy in the last five years, which would have come at the end of her time with Jenny Craig. After ending her tenure as spokeswoman, Kirstie took things up a notch and switched to an all organic diet.

“I can really feel the difference,” she said. It’s something easier done in LA and New York City, but no matter where she is, on the coasts or in Wichita, she prefers to cook her own food. It’s a talent she showed off during her ET interview.

As she started getting older and gaining weight, she had to assess why. She needed an answer to what, other than her age, had changed, and she quickly identified our food supply.

“I did a lot of research and found…our food is laced with chemicals, hormones, antibiotics. That just didn’t exist before,” she passionately explained. “[Our food] is laced with GMOs, which are proven not to digest well and create food allergies.”

She didn’t start out with a big goal to create a diet, rather, she wanted to find a way to improve her own health and nutrition. The result was her brand Organic Liaison, which now serves thousands of people trying to improve their own wellness or weight.

“When I created Organic Liaison, my goal wasn’t necessarily to create a diet but a way to live your life so you weren’t in misery. I made it easy for myself.”

She drinks her brand’s Rescue Me product every day, throughout the day. Because of this, she doesn’t have what she calls cravings for massive amounts of sugar and heavy fried foods anymore.

“If I wasn’t drinking Rescue Me, getting these specific nutrients and specific antioxidants, it would be two weeks and I’d be back to craving sugar and heavier foods,” she said.

Kirstie admits to knowing a lot about toxins before she even started Organic Liaison, citing her efforts to raise both of her children on strictly organic diets and her work with environmental groups for more than 20 years. She describes a lot of research and science that went in to creating Organic Liaison, saying, “I obviously used experts.”

She told them, “I want to eat too much of the wrong things and I have no energy and I’m not sleeping well – what is happening?” Her instructions to the scientists were to find a non-drug solution to each one of those problems, and do so naturally and more importantly organically.

“We tried to create as perfect a storm as we could so that 24/7 your body is getting what it needs,” explained Kirstie. “I’m really proud of Organic Liaison.” The brand counts Kelly Preston, fellow actress and wife of John Travolta, amongst its most notable members.

Along with Rescue Me, Kirstie also drinks the brand’s Release Me in the evenings, another organic food source that contains magnesium that she describes as something to soothe the nervous system and “really chill you out.” Then, 30 minutes before bed, it’s Organic Liaison’s Nightingale, which Kirstie calls liquid L-tryptophane, an amino acid that raises serotonin which can help lower carb cravings. Best of all, help you sleep.

“People are so hopped up on chemicals and sugar that they don’t sleep well, so they start banging down sleep drugs. Now they’re really going to put throw their bodies out of whack,” she said, explaining the benefit of Nightingale.

All combined, Kirstie explains how her Organic Liaison products “provide a continuous stream of the nutrients you’re supposed to have.” They aren’t meant to stand alone, but supplement a healthful, mostly organic diet.

She finished by stating that “all of this has a lot more to do than ‘I can get in to a size six.’ I’d rather be 20 pounds overweight and have endless energy than starving to death, dragging my ass around, not being able to function.”

With a new book, The Art of Men, and a pilot sitcom she’s hoping to sell, she’s far from not functioning. At 62, Kirstie is very much thriving.

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