Kirstie Alley’s Phitter Website

phitterNo stranger to dieting, weight regain and more dieting, actress Kirstie Alley has just launched her own website, The premise behind her website is, well to help you (and her) get fit.

The former Jenny Craig spokesperson has made more headlines in recent years for her battle with her up and down weight than her acting career.
Phitter is a micro-blogging website with a Twitter – like nature that allows diet-minded folks share weight loss tips, motivational comments, recipes, fitness advice and more. Just like Twitter, members can create a 140-character comment and post it on the site. Phitter followers can also join Phitter Groups that let you find and talk with people of similar healthy living, fitness, weight loss, diet and wellness interests. You can create both public or private messages to other Phitter fits.

Directly from the site, “Phitter is a Phitness Phocused community and gift from Kirstie to encourage talk or ‘Phits’ about health, diet & exercise while making new Phriends in the Phitter-mmunity and having Phabulous Phun…Phew!”

Alley is also set to star in her own A & E reality series, still yet unnamed, sometime this year. The reality series will chronicle her once-again journey to lose weight while raising her two children in Los Angeles. will continue to keep you posted on when Kirstie Alley’s new series airs.

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