Letting Yourself Maintain Weight Loss

Have you ever lost weight and been scared to death it would come back? Not surprising, considering people would rather be in a car accident than gain ten pounds.scale

If you are at a point where you have lost some weight and need tips for keeping it off then you’re in luck… this post is all about letting you have peace of mind.

  1. Should you regain a little? If you lost significant weight, you may actually regain 10% of your lowest weight back (e.g. weigh 135 pounds, may gain 10-15 pounds). It has to do with where your body feels healthiest and happiest and your ability to let your body find it versus trying to control it with over exercising and under fueling.
  2. Find an anchor. If you’re afraid of going back to “old habits” write a letter to the “new you” and explain how proud you are of the accomplishments. Try not to focus on weight, but think about energy levels,  attitude, and happiness. Read this letter when you feel pulled into habits you’d rather leave behind.
  3. Journal and weigh yourself often. I would recommend daily journaling with how you feel and your food choices in general. Talk about anything you are happy with or regretting. Weighing weekly (no more) keeps you accountable for maintaining within your lower weight range.
  4. Believe in yourself. Let go of the person who has struggled with weight your whole life and embrace the new person who is confident and happy inside and out. Believe that what you did to lose weight is life-changing and say goodbye to the past once and for all.

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