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Bust Through a Plateau with Diet and Fitness

Christina is a mom, registered nurse, and blogger. She fully admits to both a love of too much food and a love of the couch, two vices she struggles to overcome on a daily basis. In the past two years, she’s lost nearly 50 pounds through diet and exercise, some of it chronicled on her blog, Losing My Hind.

Most people who are actively trying to lose weight hit a plateau now and then. You’re working hard, losing weight as a result, and then suddenly all of that progress stops and you wonder if your scale is broken because it’s been displaying the same number for weeks.

Plateaus are often the body’s way of recalibrating and adjusting to the changes you’ve brought about. But if you’re like me, you can only handle a plateau for so long before you get a twitchy eye and the urge to throw your scale through the bathroom window. I was recently stuck at a plateau for over a month, which felt like years to me, and anyone who had to listen to me rant about it.


Using Nutrition to Bust Through Weight Loss Plateaus

Courtney is an avid runner and fitness enthusiast, but gets the best workout chasing after her three-year-old Ellie. Follow her at twitter.com/smugrunner or read her blog at smugrunner.wordpress.com.

Weight-loss plateau is a common phrase to anyone who has lost a significant amount of weight. Since losing 40 pounds following the birth of my daughter three years ago, I’ve been haunted by those elusive last few pounds. With the Chicago Marathon on tap for early fall, I didn’t want my weight struggles to interfere with the rigorous training. An increase in mileage brings a need to ensure you take in enough calories, not cut back.

Married to a personal trainer and a long-time subscriber to multiple fitness magazines, I’ve heard it all before—to bust through plateaus, get outside your comfort zone. Most recommend adding new strength moves and cardio intervals to your routine. While this is smart advice, those ingredients were already part of my fitness recipe, yet the scale remained steady.


Dealing with Weight Loss and Fitness Plateaus

Maruchy Lachance is president of Running Ninja!, a lifestyle brand for runners by runners. Running Ninja! offers a wide variety of apparel and gifts for runners to keep you happy and inspired while you’re on the run.

After months of seeing results on the scale from your weight loss and exercise routine you’re surprised by a sudden end to your progress, in spite of your continued commitment. Experts call this a “plateau” and here is what you need to know so you can overcome it!

According to The Mayo Clinic, a plateau occurs because your metabolism – the process of burning calories for energy – slows as you lose lean tissue (muscle). When you lose weight, you lose both fat and lean tissue. The notion that overweight people have a slower metabolism is a myth. In general, the higher a person’s weight, the higher the body’s metabolic rate. (more…)

The Ins and Outs of the P90X Nutrition Plan

Sure, you’ve probably heard that the workouts in Tony Horton’s P90X system are tough, but what do you know about the system’s nutrition plan? When it comes to getting in shape and losing weight, we know that exercise is great for our bodies and building muscle, but you also have to eat the right foods to show off all that hard work. Here are a few more details on the diet side of this popular workout DVD system.

About the P90X Nutrition Guide

The plan includes three one-month phases, all which include small meals eaten consistently throughout the day and lots of water to drink!


Busting Through the Weight Loss Plateau

Sooner or later, everyone trying to lose weight hits a plateau, defined as a period or state of little or no growth or decline. In dieting, a plateau means that you’ve stopped losing weight. Getting on the scale weekly shows little to no change, and it can be frustrating to expend the effort with no visible reward. Take heart, though! There are several ways to bust through this.woman weight

  • Most importantly, make sure that you haven’t slid back into poor eating habits. Are you underestimating your caloric intake? For one week, go back to the beginning and keep a food journal recording everything you eat. Odds are, you are eating some extra calories that you might not even fully acknowledge. Maybe you got back into the habit of sampling as you are cooking, or finishing the leftovers on your kid’s plate. Write it all down, take a solid look at it, and see if there’s an area you need to address. (more…)

Be the Workout Buddy You Would Like to Have

relay raceWhen you have hit a plateau or are feeling frustrated, one of the best things you can do is to focus your energy somewhere else, outside of yourself. Focusing your attention and energy on yourself, on what is not going as you would design, on those things over which you do not feel control will lead you toward depression and further stagnation.

There is benefit to trying something new, shaking things up, or re-focusing. Doing so will re-energize you and put things in perspective. When you need encouragement may be the best time for you to encourage someone else. (more…)

Letting Yourself Maintain Weight Loss

Have you ever lost weight and been scared to death it would come back? Not surprising, considering people would rather be in a car accident than gain ten pounds.scale

If you are at a point where you have lost some weight and need tips for keeping it off then you’re in luck… this post is all about letting you have peace of mind.

  1. Should you regain a little? If you lost significant weight, you may actually regain 10% of your lowest weight back (e.g. weigh 135 pounds, may gain 10-15 pounds). It has to do with where your body feels healthiest and happiest and your ability to let your body find it versus trying to control it with over exercising and under fueling. (more…)